Thursday, May 5, 2016

Making Pure Cranberry Juice Taste (Really) Good

Pure cranberry juice smoothie
I thought I'd do a slightly different post today, as I struggled to find any recipes I liked online. I used to hate cranberry juice, until I found the ridiculously sweet versions of packaged juice and started pumping them in. The problem is that those are made with concentrate and are probably as full of processed sugar as Coke. Now, if you are female, chances are you may have had instances in your life where you were required to drink lots of cranberry juice for medical reasons...hey, just keeping it real here! If you have bladder infection, one of the worst things you can do is drink typical supermarket cranberry juice, as the sugar actually attracts more bacteria and will make your condition worse. Furthermore, the reason cranberry juice is recommended for these infections is because it contains d-mannose, which sticks to your bladder cells and combats the bacteria that tries to come close. Juice made of concentrate will, no doubt, have close to none of the benefits as its natural predecessor. For this reason, please do yourself a favour and only drink 100% pure pressed cranberry juice. They are more expensive, but they combat that bacteria like there's no tomorrow. Apart from this, cranberry juice is so beneficial for your health, so it's great to get it in any way you can. 

I went to my favourite Guildford health shop Food For Thought and found this cranberry juice from a brand called Rabenhorst. It was just above £7 for 750ml, which I thought is expensive, but just imagine how many kilograms of cranberries would be needed to squeeze that amount, right?! Upon tasting the juice at home, it was immediately clear to me that this juice is one of the most sour things I have ever tried. I challenge you to drink it without making a face. It's impossible. So how was I meant to get through 750ml of it, when I struggled just drinking a sip? I knew I had to make a smoothie with it. And smoothie I made. And it was the best thing ever. 

How to make cranberry juice taste good

I use bananas as a base for all my smoothies as they create that creamy and filling texture. The key here was to balance out the sourness with sweet things. I used about 400ml pure cranberry juice, 3 ripe bananas (normally my smoothies contain only 1-2), 5 big sweet dates, and a couple of drops vanilla extract and maple syrup. I want to emphasise that I normally go for natural sweeteners like dates, however I was experimenting, and, well, the juice was really sour. Next time I'll probably skip the sweeteners and use more dates, because natural sugar is always better. The smoothie turned out p-e-r-f-e-c-t. It had a great balance or sweet and sour, and I finished it within minutes. I would suggest having this as your breakfast smoothie, because fruit is always best eaten on an empty stomach, and it will keep you full for at least 2 hours. 

Cranberry juice smoothie ideas and recipes

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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Khaki Duster Coat

It feels great to be back with a new outfit post! This look is basically what I wore almost every day in Luxembourg. At least that is true for this Pull & Bear coat and the Zara bag. I get easily attached to new items and wear them constantly. It's also forced upon me, when it's the only coat and bag that I've packed home, but that's another story... Whereas, when it comes to the boots, I'm proud to say that they are actually quite old (remember this post?), and I've started wearing them again. They are made of leather, which is not a fabric I purchase anymore, however I do not wish to throw out my old leather items as that would be wasteful. I choose to wear them out until the end of their life, instead of replacing them with vegan items.

Currently most of my days consist of actively seeking graduate jobs and working on my final assignments. It feels surreal to be finishing University after being in this ecosystem for four years. Then again, I can't wait to finish and get onto the next chapter in my life, whatever it may be. In order to be more productive, I've also started waking up early every morning to do some exercising. At the moment I do about 15-20 mins of various exercises, then I make my breakfast and start productivity, and it really helps! I've been in this productive cycle for about 7 days now and I'm feeling really proud of myself.

It has, however, also made me realize that I really miss being creative. In Luxembourg I shared photography as a common interest with so many of my friends, and spontaneous photoshoots were almost on the daily. I really, really miss it! Not necessarily outfitty blog stuff, just shooting and being creative. If anyone feels a creative drought like me, please for the love of god, hit me up. 

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Homemade Vegan Donuts

Homemade vegan donuts
Often when I tell people that I live on a plant diet, I'm faced with "What do you eat then?" and the inevitable "I just couldn't do it, I love food too much" etc... There is this idea that it's a very restrictive lifestyle, where you basically live off salad (which you can, if you want...), but to be honest it couldn't be further from the truth. It's very simple really - vegans can eat exactly the same dishes as everyone else, by replacing the animal products with vegan alternatives. Tastes the same, minus the cruelty - win, win situation, right? 

A couple of weeks ago me and Kaori were really craving some donuts, but weren't successful at finding any vegan options in Luxembourg. We eventually decided to test out our culinary skills and make them ourselves. As expected, it took quite a bit of time to do this, but the satisfaction of having made our own awesome donuts was worth it! Also, my family thought I'm some kinda world class chef, naturally...

We used a mixture of recipes that day, as we wanted to have a variety of icing flavours. The raspberry one was our favourite, as it was the perfect mix of sweet and still "natural" tasting due to using raspberries, as opposed to flavourings. I've posted the recipe links below, in case you ever decide to try this at home (which you definitely should!). Surprisingly, all of the ingredients were common household products, so you might just be able to bake without making a trip to the food store. 

I hope you enjoy the photos, until next time! XO

homemade vegan doughnuts
We used a mixture of these recipes:

Friday, April 8, 2016

Lanzarote Outfits: The Printed Playsuit

Luxembourg lifestyle and fashion blogger
Here's my second outfit from Lanzarote, with this awesome printed Zara playsuit! I was instantly attracted to it as I felt it had a very 60's mod feel to it. Considering that I went on this trip in February, I'm pretty late with the photos, but as you might have gathered from my Consumerism post, I've been trying to figure things out with blogging.

Canary islands outfit ideas

I've been really itching to do some TV series suggestions, but hopefully with less mainstream series that most people might not know yet, therefore you won't see Girls or Pretty Little Liars on this short list. I do admit that I probably spend more time than necessary watching series, but in some aspects it's not much different to reading a book (of which I spend too much time on as well...) All these series are available on Netflix, as well as free streaming sites, of course. 

1. Love - I would say this is a less girly version of Girls. The show is very much about keeping things real and it deals with "normal people" problems. I feel like it's very relatable and definitely funny! Also, sometimes you need these kind of shows that don't leave you thinking "WTF just happened" after each episode *cough* Pretty Little Liars *cough*

2. Jessica Jones - not into supernatural/action/marvel series? Well, me neither. Unless it's True Blood or The Vampire Diaries, of course, I do love the vampires. But Jessica Jones is something else. With Krysten Ritter as the leading role, this show is the perfect amount of badass and mystery. I'm all about badass girl-ing in TV series and films. Prepare to binge watch this, because each episode does end on a cliff hanger. 

3. Rupaul's Drag Race - Think America's Next Top Model but in drag. This show is perfect for when you just need to relax your head and watch something that isn't too serious. Compared to ANTM, I think the Drag Race is much more real. The queens are challenged to create new outfits and personas each week, so it is very focused on creativity. What I especially enjoy is their spin-off show called Untucked, which lets us see more behind the scenes footage. I think it's great that this kind of show is entering the mainstream, as it will hopefully lead to more open mindedness, which I'm all about. Also did I mention I met Violet Chachki from season 7 last year?! Possible side effect: you naturally become more sassy as you watch the Drag Race. Now, sashay away!

PS. If you try any of these series (or already watch them) please let me know what you think, I'm so curious to hear your opinions!