February Birchbox 2015

Hey guys! Today I wanted to talk about my favorite monthly mailbox surprise, which is Birchbox! Probably around a year ago, they sent me a box to review on my blog and I loved the products and the whole concept so much that I ended up subscribing to it for myself. I've been receiving these boxes ever since, however I did cancel the service during summer, while I was not in the UK. The deliveries are international, but I find it easier just to pause it, rather than change the address etc.

The box costs £10/month, with a £2.95 shipping charge in the UK, which isn't that much considering it is only a monthly payment (they do offer better deals if you sign up for 6 or 12 months, though). Before I went vegan, that's how much I would spend in 2 days at Pret A Manger on my lunch breaks, haha. Each month you get 5-6 samples, one of them being a fully sized product (so you get a lot more than you pay for). This month for Valentines day they actually surprised us with 2 fully sized products - The London Butterflies Body SoufflĂ© costs £37, whereas the Wild About Beauty Golden Skin Glow is £21. Not bad for a £10 box, right? For each box you receive, you gain 12 points and once you have received your box, you have a chance to complete product feedback surveys, which will give you even more points (for example this month I got 35 extra points just from this). I love this points system, because once you accumulate 100 points (£10 worth), you get to spend them on their webshop, which I have already done several times. If you subscribe to Birchbox via this link, you will automatically get additional 50 points, by the way!

February Birchbox review

What I got this month: The Chia Co. Oats + Chia in Mixed Berry flavour, theBalm cosmetics Stainiac in the shade Beauty Queen, Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo, London Butterflies Body Butter Soufflé (in British Tundra Berries & Meadowsweet), Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, and finally Wild About Beauty Golden Skin Glow

February Birchbox blogger

A fun surprise is that next month we can choose our own Benefit product from a choice of 3 mascaras (BADgal Lash Mascara, They're Real! mascara and Roller Lash Mascara). I opted for the Roller Lash Mascara as that is their newest product and I'm eager to try it!

The Chia Co Birchbox

Oddly enough, one of my fave products in this months box was not a beauty item, but rather The Chia Co mixed berry sample! I had this for breakfast the next day (simply pour it in a bowl, add hot water) and it was absolutely delicious. It's always a delight to find something that will speed up the cooking process (especially in the morning before work) and is vegan too!!!

Birchbox review

Overall, I absolutely loved this months box. The sample sizes were really good and the products were matched to my taste (you have to complete a beauty profile when you sign up). I'm still testing all the products, but so far I absolutely love them! I was also really happy to be surprised by getting two fully sized products this month because of Valentine's day!



Superga Guildford market street

Last week Surgery PR Group invited me to pop along to the brand new Superga store in my town, Guildford. Upon receiving the e-mail, I started to wonder when did I actually first hear about Superga? I have definitely known of the Italian brand for a long time, even before Superga x The Blonde Salad, but never actually owned a pair myself. They also recently launched a collab with Suki Waterhouse, check it out here. The store is located in the middle of Market street (the street between Office and Kiehls if you're heading in from the High street) - with all the colors in the store design, it is hard to miss! 

I was kindly gifted a voucher to pick up some styles for myself, and I was fully intent on taking home one white classic pair and another "fun" pair. Once I actually got to the store, my eyes were drawn to their summery styles and I ended up taking the Lilla and Dusty Rose pairs home with me. I absolutely can't wait to wear them once it gets a little bit warmer (I definitely don't want to risk spoiling them in the mud and rain right now, haha)! Other than these, I also really liked the silver metallic ones, which you can see in the pictures below. The staff were very kind and helped me with the sizing (apparently, if I'm size 39 then I should go for a UK5.5 rather than a UK6). As you can see, I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the baby Superga shoes (above), because I'm a sucker for everything baby-sized.

Big thanks to Surgery PR for inviting me over and I am absolutely in love with my two pastel pairs! ♥ 

Superga Market street Guildford Superga Guildford store Superga Cotu Classic 2750 Dusty Rose Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Lilla Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Lilla


Rewind back to 2004 when I was 11 and leg warmers were one of my favourite fashion items (just after flared pants and rhinestoned caps). They might have looked horrid, but, admittedly, they did keep my legs very warm. Being someone who absolutely can't stand wearing tights under jeans or wearing two pairs of tights at the same time, it's fair to say my legs have been pretty cold this winter.... she said, while trying to justify yet another pair of overknee boots. Jokes aside, these do keep my legs really warm and I love wearing really thick fluffy socks underneath for even more warmth! At £100 they weren't quite within my budget, so I was thrilled when I saw them online for half price during sale. They are currently sold out, however I've linked a couple of similar styles above.

All this winter cold, lack of photographer and full-time job business has obviously made me lose my blogging mojo a bit. However, I do want to get more lifestyle and beauty posts up on my blog, so all I need is ideas, and then I can get shooting and writing! After a rather busy period at work, I will finally go home to Luxembourg for a couple of days next week, excitiiiiing. I have also been thinking about slowly starting to write up my placement report or at least create a plan for it. While work can be quite monotone most of the time, I do have some fun things to include in my report, such as when I was given the responsibility of being the acting floor manager for two days, or the fact that I got assigned as the voice of the team (kind of like being a class rep in high school, haha). 

I will now take a long shower, make some dinner and indulge in some of my fave TV series. Friday nights are definitely not meant for partying in this weather! Don't forget to follow my insta for more regular updates. So long! ♥ 


AG Jeans The absolute legging River Edge Oasis plain black wrap capeKristiana Vasarina How to wear a black cape Kurt Geiger Carvela Angelika black studded bag Biba white boyfriend button up shirt Kristiana Vasarina Topshop Merit leather chain heeled ankle boots

Now that I'm stuck at home due to being ill, I finally have time to get this post up. Only last week I asked someone whether it isn't super cool that I haven't yet been ill this winter? As far as I'm concerned, I've brought this upon myself. I am, however, only allowing myself one sick day, because I have to be back on my feet soon as I have lots of things to do (like a full-time job, ha..)

I don't normally tend to dedicate a whole post title to one single item, but The Absolute Legging by Adriano Goldschmied is a whole different story... Every since I started my job (in the beginning I spent 2-3 months working on denim), I've considered AG Jeans to be the royalties of designer denim. Close favorites would be Citizens of Humanity, as well as 7 For All Mankind, of course. However, AG Jeans definitely became a favourite in my books, due to their amazing fitted styles and fabrics. Two other styles that I absolutely love are the Farrah Contour 360 and the The Middi Ankle.

As soon as the half price sale started, I had to snatch up The Absolute Legging in the wash River Edge. It's ridiculous how comfortable they are - I actually feel like I'm in sweatpants when I wear them. I definitely recommend these jeans if you are looking for something that is tight and skinny, but still incredibly comfortable.

Other than my beloved new jeans, I'm also really happy with finally getting my hands on this Oasis wrap scarf! I first saw it on ASOS some months ago, and before I could buy it, it was already out of stock. I was incredibly lucky when I found it in the Oasis concession at House of Fraser!! It's really easy to wear, and great for getting some extra warmth on top of a leather jacket or cardigan.

On a different note (we all know that I need a bit of random chit-chat), I wanted to give you some quick recommendations that I've enjoyed recently. The first one is The Book of You by Claire Kendal. Oh....my..god, even Gone Girl didn't have me this hooked on a book! Two movies that I have really enjoyed are The Imitation Game and American Sniper - go watch them both! And some TV series that I really liked lately are Sherlock, Parks and Recreation and Nip/Tuck (I saw it in 2009, however I'm re-watching it right now). Catch you later! ♥


Pastel pink faux fur coat H&M Kristiana Vasarina Missguided Carina chunky knit turtleneck jumper OPI Turn on the Haute Light nail polish Luxembourg fashion blogger Zara studded ballerina flats How to wear a faux fur coat Zara PU faux leather pleated skirt

Hey you! Long time, no see. I am finally on holiday and definitely making the most of my time off from work. The festive season was as far from festive as possible for me as I was working on Christmas and only flew home in time for New Years eve. Even during NYE I somehow lacked the festive spirit, but then again I am excited to see what 2015 will bring. The last 2-3 years have definitely not been the best, but I have started a tactical mission to make this year different. 

The biggest highlight of 2014 was probably getting my first full-time job as part of my degree in business and retail. Having a full-time job and seeing how far certain people my age have worked their way up makes me somewhat reevaluate the importance of getting a degree and see if I can challenge myself more. 

In 2014 I also got a new house pet, which is the cutest ever sphynx kitten. Having such a sweet and clumsy baby animal in the house definitely made my summer, and now whenever I call my family, I ask for them to show my cat on camera. I even forgave him for biting a massive hole in my new Zara knitted jumper on Sunday and then claiming it as his new bed (picture evidence #1). 

On a slightly different note, one of my blogposts went viral during the summer and literally exploded on the internet, which resulted in me having to delete the post, as well as some Instagram photos. It was on the daily mail, huffington post, various canadian and australian websites. Certain people argue that all publicity is good publicity, however I did not want to be linked to the topics discussed in all those articles so for a week I sent out e-mails every single day, but only 4 or 5 of the sites removed my name and pictures. As with all online stories, it died down a week later and eventually I got over it too. 

While this post is already quite wordy, I wanted to squeeze in a brief paragraph on my outfit too (gotta make it somewhat relevant, right?!). I was just thinking that I can't simply talk about random things and pretend I don't care about finally owning these amazing Zara flats! They are the perfect balance of girly and edgy, while still being extremely comfortable. I had been after them for months, however the £50 price tag put me off, but Santa conveniently saw my need and catered to it :). They are currently on sale, by the way. The skirt is also from Zara, however I did end up cutting about 3cm off the length as I found it to be quite an awkward fit when I got home (while shopping I like to pretend I have a "trained eye" for finding the right size and fit). It was somewhere between a mini and a knee-length skirt, but the result ended up giving me no favours whatsoever. I also got this awesome faux fur coat from my sister for Christmas, which was quite a funny coincidence as I got her a pink coat too (picture evidence #2). 


Guildford fashion blogger Luxembourg fashion blogger ASOS Sequin kimono dress New Years eve party dress ideas ASOS sequin kimono dress in navy Kristiana VasarinaASOS dress - New Look heels (similar) - Boohoo studded ears bag (similar) - Pussycat London cardigan (similar)

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may very well know how obsessed I am with this dress. I am quite bored of the usual bodycon sequin dresses, but I definitely needed some sparkle in my winter wardrobe, so this kimono dress came just in time. The V neck is really classy and definitely stays put, so no need to fear any awkward moments. The waist is extremely elastic and because of the loose fit of the dress, you can easily size down. Of course there is a layer underneath the sequins, so there is no way you could irritate your skin with the sequins which is a big plus for me. It's really difficult to stop raving on about this dress, I simply love it too much! They also have it in other colours here and here, however the navy one is the winner for me.

I paired the dress with some old bits that I found in my closet. I have a variety of items that I keep wearing through the years and they simply become my staple pieces and I won't get rid of them until they are absolutely unwearable. As they are a bit older, I couldn't find the exact links online so I did my best to find similar items to best recreate the look! :)

By the way, these photos were shot by my new friend, Kinga. She loves photography and goes to my university, so we have decided to meet every now and then to shoot some blog photos. That really is fantastic news for the blog, because she does an amazing job and my blog is definitely quiet whenever I'm in the UK, simply because I have nobody to take my photos :')

Photos by Kinga Bajerska


Heyhey! Before you wonder if I wasn't freezing my behind off - nope, this 49% wool coat does wonders. The length is great too - longer than an average coat, not quite long enough for a midi coat, but in this case it covers my bare legs and even overrides my overknee boots, so kudos for that. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed that I show some love to Biba lately, which is my new department at work. I'm not asked or required, in any shape or form, to talk about it or even wear it (I bought the things for my own money), but I absolutely love the brand and the history behind it! I definitely suggest having a look to see if there's anything you like, especially as we currently have 40% off the majority of things. This jumper, in particular, is incredibly soft and warm - I really can't stop wearing it!

While I do love this new discovery, my unconditional love for ASOS is never ending and I should definitely be made ASOS brand ambassador or something, considering the amount of ASOS things I own, haha. I also got my New Years eve dress from ASOS, which you might recognize from the post below. You can have a peek here. Isn't it wonderful? ♥

Photos by Kinga Bajerska