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Although I do keep insisting that I'm addicted to wearing black, and indeed I cannot wait for the black heart emoji to be released (am I the only one who seriously needs one?!), there is something so refreshing about being able to wear loose summer clothing that is not black. Having worked 11 months at a job where black uniform is mandatory, I do find myself, more often than not, opting for more colourful things to wear outside work, just because.

I recently had the chance to style some Dorothy Perkins pieces and this is the first look. The kimono and shorts are such lovely and breathable fabrics, I honestly think I'll end up keeping them for life! Other than that I am also wearing my two summer staple pieces - the ASOS crochet crop top and my trusty KG Magma espadrilles, which I loved so much that I got them in sale in the other colour too (all sold out but 2 sizes available here).

In just more than a week's time I'll be quitting my job, moving out and flying to Latvia, all literally in the space of two days. It's quite stressful having to think about all this right now, because there are so many logistics to take care of beforehand, but I've done it every year since I was 19, so I guess I'll manage one way or another.

I've got a lot more summer looks to post so watch this space! In the meantime, make sure to follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates! ♥


To celebrate the launch of Marks & Spencer's Ultimate Dress Guide, I was recently challenged to style one of their dresses for a summer event. Although M&S is not quite my go-to store for all things fashion, I absolutely fell in love with this Tencel midi dress and decided on the entire look there and then. On this occasion I decided to style the dress as I would to a summer festival. I'm definitely bored of the typical festival looks that keep surfacing on Instagram, I generally think festival fashion has become somewhat clich√© and it's always great to see something a little bit different. This year I'm really into everything midi and pencil length, and think it's the perfect style for a festival too! 

Having gone to festivals since a relatively young age (holla at 13 year old little emo Kristiana), I decided to share some of my personal festival styling tips.

1. Comfortable shoes - can't stress this enough. This means no flip flops, no heels and no expensive designer footwear (I may want to rethink wearing my Kurt Geiger espandrilles, if I did wear this outfit to a festival!) Last year I wore my flat ankle boots from Vagabond and they were amazing through all the weather conditions. 

2. Bring an over the shoulder/crossbody bag, so that you can see it at all times. Ideally it would also be a decent size, so that you could fit in a jumper for chilly evenings and other necessities. The crossbody style is also really useful when you're jumping in the crowd, as opposed to a backpack which might smack the people behind you in their face :D

3. Something I'd highly suggest is to wear shorts, even if that means wearing them under a dress! You definitely want to be comfortable when sitting in the field or standing somewhere in the crowd. If I'm wearing a dress, I usually opt for some sort of cotton gym shorts underneath.

4. A hat will be your best friend. Not only will it add something to your look, but it will also save you from weather induced disasters. Last year it rained like crazy and my hat proved to be an amazing umbrella alternative (because when White Lies are playing, you don't want to be watching from under the tents far, far away...) 

5. Have fun with accessories and jewellery! You probably don't want to wear your most expensive jewellery to a festival, but adding some stacked up necklaces will definitely make a statement on your look. Stacking up rings is also something I like to do, especially with bright colored nails!

I think the main thing when it comes to festival fashion is just to have fun, but it's also important to remain practical, as you don't want your experience spoiled by your clothing choices. A little creativity will go a long way, and you might find yourself spotted by the local street style photographers! TTYL ♥


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The last of my Barcelona looks! For a day with loads of walking, these girlfriend jeans came just in time. I've noticed that a large part of my wardrobe lately consists of Mango, when I uploaded this almost full-Mango look. Working at House of Fraser, I get staff discount on most things, so I always use that to my advantage, while I'm still there. It's difficult when you literally want to buy everything you see though!

There is actually a funny story behind these jeans. I got my mum several gifts for her birthday last month, and I was still looking for something extra to finish the package off. She had been looking for some dark boyfriend style jeans since forever, so when I saw these and how soft and comfy they were, I knew it would be the perfect gift. For the days leading onto her birthday, I quietly took pride in my gift finding skills, until she casually strolled into my room in Barcelona wearing the exact same pair. Apparently my skills were so good that she had already found and bought the same pair herself, haha. Luckily my mum saw the funny side and told me that I can keep them for myself as I really like them too. 

For the first time in a while, I've got the entire weekend off so I took full advantage of this yesterday by stuffing myself with veggie food at our BBQ, then continuing to grow my food baby at Pizza Express with Kaori and finally finding myself in Heaven with my friends. It's definitely the best place to go for a super fun night, trust me! 


Kristiana vasarina depop

Today I thought I'd inject some shameless self-advertising here..on my own blog though, so does it really count? I probably haven't mentioned this much before, but I've been quite active on the mobile app Depop, due to the fact that in summer I'm moving to a new place and really just need to downsize my wardrobe. There is literally a massive cardboard box in my closet, full of folded clothes that I'm selling, haha. All the stuff I'm selling is still in great condition, and if there are any faults, I always highlight them in the description. Most things cost between a £5 to £25 price range, as I do mainly shop on the high street. Everything is always sent really quickly, because I go to the town centre pretty much every day for work anyway. I like to include UK shipping in the price, but if you live outside the UK, it's normally only a couple of GBP extra for shipping.  

If you have depop, please do give me a follow and if there is anything you see, then feel free to drop me an e-mail or contact me directly through Depop :) I'm open to offers and will always make a good deal if you are buying more than one item too. 

 Find me here ♥ 


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With a bit of a delay, here is my second Barcelona look. I chose to keep it clean and casual, because this was a full day of shopping and I definitely needed to be comfortable for that. After shopping, we went for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called Biocenter. We loved it! I finally wore my favorite jacket from Danish label Minimum (it's on sale). Spring is definitely a good time to get some statement jackets! I've selected my favourite options below (adblock needs to be disabled to see!). 

These loafers from The Kooples have fast become my favourite shoes, I just feel so cool and rock 'n' roll in them (I am anything but cool and rock 'n' roll, haha). Unfortunately my white blouse did not live to travel home with me to the UK, I had a little accident, which made it completely unwearable. And lastly, don't mind my open handbag in half the pictures. I walk around like that most of the time, completely oblivious to it.


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ASOS dress - Mango bag - Whistles earrings - Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses - ASOS heels 

Hey you! Now that I am home from Barcelona I've been sorting out all my pictures and finally I can share my first Barcelona outfit on the blog! This is what I wore on our first day there, which was actually Easter Friday. We went to a vegetarian restaurant called L'Hortet, which we stumbled upon quite unexpectedly on the way to the car. Their menu was like 50% vegan so it was ideal for my family. I genuinely had some of the best food ever there, I absolutely loved it! 

As the weather was relatively warm, I chose to wear my new midi skater dress (currently on sale!), which I think is quite a classic piece that I'll be able to dress up and down no matter the weather. The longer sleeves kept me warm, while my legs were happy when I secretly wore a pair of cotton shorts underneath for extra warmth (I could literally never leave the house without wearing some extra piece of clothing under a flowy skirt/dress). 

My new silver heels also had their first outing, which was definitely a long time coming... I first saw them in like January, but somehow only waited until March to finally buy them. They are currently low in stock, but I noticed that they keep being restocked all the time. I absolutely love the idea of low block heels - they add something special to any look and are comfortable enough to walk in all day! I'm currently also lusting over this pink pair, as well as this embellished style

Tomorrow I'm finally flying back to the UK, and it's back to work on Tuesday already. I genuinely have no idea how to get up at 7:30AM anymore, so that will be interesting... The good news is that the weather will be really nice, which makes the morning walks quite pleasant. I don't know my schedule yet, but I'm crossing my fingers for at least one day off during the weekend! ♥


It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of ASOS, and check their New In sections daily. For me the website is a winner, because they stock an extensive selection of brands that I would normally shop at anyway, and I can get student discounts on things I wouldn't otherwise be able to (eg. River Island and Mango don't normally do student discounts in their standalone stores). I also love their free returns policy, which makes shopping very fuss free for me! Since I browse ASOS so often, I decided to create this rather long post on my favourite sale picks that are all under £25. I already own the floral dress above and also the floral peplum skirt, but the rest of the things are definitely on my wishlist! I've narrowed everything down into categories with page and product links, and also made sure to choose products that still have plenty of sizes left (believe me, things kept going "out of stock" while I was creating this post - it's crazy). So if you want to see my favourite bargains, click below!