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Today I thought I'd inject some shameless self-advertising here..on my own blog though, so does it really count? I probably haven't mentioned this much before, but I've been quite active on the mobile app Depop, due to the fact that in summer I'm moving to a new place and really just need to downsize my wardrobe. There is literally a massive cardboard box in my closet, full of folded clothes that I'm selling, haha. All the stuff I'm selling is still in great condition, and if there are any faults, I always highlight them in the description. Most things cost between a £5 to £25 price range, as I do mainly shop on the high street. Everything is always sent really quickly, because I go to the town centre pretty much every day for work anyway. I like to include UK shipping in the price, but if you live outside the UK, it's normally only a couple of GBP extra for shipping.  

If you have depop, please do give me a follow and if there is anything you see, then feel free to drop me an e-mail or contact me directly through Depop :) I'm open to offers and will always make a good deal if you are buying more than one item too. 

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Guildford fashion and lifestyle blogger Luxembourg fashion and lifestyle blogger Minimum zig zag bomber jacket Barcelona outfit ideas Latvian fashion blogger Kristiana Vasarina The kooples silver loafers outfit Latviesu modes blogeri Dolce & Gabbana oversized polarised sunglassesMinimum jacket - The Kooples loafers - ASOS jeans - Zara top - Mango bag - Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses 

With a bit of a delay, here is my second Barcelona look. I chose to keep it clean and casual, because this was a full day of shopping and I definitely needed to be comfortable for that. After shopping, we went for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called Biocenter. We loved it! I finally wore my favorite jacket from Danish label Minimum (it's on sale). Spring is definitely a good time to get some statement jackets! I've selected my favourite options below (adblock needs to be disabled to see!). 

These loafers from The Kooples have fast become my favourite shoes, I just feel so cool and rock 'n' roll in them (I am anything but cool and rock 'n' roll, haha). Unfortunately my white blouse did not live to travel home with me to the UK, I had a little accident, which made it completely unwearable. And lastly, don't mind my open handbag in half the pictures. I walk around like that most of the time, completely oblivious to it.


Latvian fashion blogger Dolce and Gabbana oversized polarised sunglasses ASOS midi skater dress ASOS shooting star heels silver Kristiana vasarina Guildford fashion blogger ASOS Midi skater dress texture black Dolce and gabbana black sunglasses ASOS shooting star heels Luxembourg fashion blogger
ASOS dress - Mango bag - Whistles earrings - Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses - ASOS heels 

Hey you! Now that I am home from Barcelona I've been sorting out all my pictures and finally I can share my first Barcelona outfit on the blog! This is what I wore on our first day there, which was actually Easter Friday. We went to a vegetarian restaurant called L'Hortet, which we stumbled upon quite unexpectedly on the way to the car. Their menu was like 50% vegan so it was ideal for my family. I genuinely had some of the best food ever there, I absolutely loved it! 

As the weather was relatively warm, I chose to wear my new midi skater dress (currently on sale!), which I think is quite a classic piece that I'll be able to dress up and down no matter the weather. The longer sleeves kept me warm, while my legs were happy when I secretly wore a pair of cotton shorts underneath for extra warmth (I could literally never leave the house without wearing some extra piece of clothing under a flowy skirt/dress). 

My new silver heels also had their first outing, which was definitely a long time coming... I first saw them in like January, but somehow only waited until March to finally buy them. They are currently low in stock, but I noticed that they keep being restocked all the time. I absolutely love the idea of low block heels - they add something special to any look and are comfortable enough to walk in all day! I'm currently also lusting over this pink pair, as well as this embellished style

Tomorrow I'm finally flying back to the UK, and it's back to work on Tuesday already. I genuinely have no idea how to get up at 7:30AM anymore, so that will be interesting... The good news is that the weather will be really nice, which makes the morning walks quite pleasant. I don't know my schedule yet, but I'm crossing my fingers for at least one day off during the weekend! ♥


It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of ASOS, and check their New In sections daily. For me the website is a winner, because they stock an extensive selection of brands that I would normally shop at anyway, and I can get student discounts on things I wouldn't otherwise be able to (eg. River Island and Mango don't normally do student discounts in their standalone stores). I also love their free returns policy, which makes shopping very fuss free for me! Since I browse ASOS so often, I decided to create this rather long post on my favourite sale picks that are all under £25. I already own the floral dress above and also the floral peplum skirt, but the rest of the things are definitely on my wishlist! I've narrowed everything down into categories with page and product links, and also made sure to choose products that still have plenty of sizes left (believe me, things kept going "out of stock" while I was creating this post - it's crazy). So if you want to see my favourite bargains, click below!


Zara blue mac trench coat Luxembourg fashion blogger outfit Kristiana Vasarina Guildford fashion blogger Kristiana Vasarina ASOS leather ankle boots Luxembourg fashion style blogger Luxembourg fashion blog Zara navy mac ss15

This spring it's all about lightweight coats for me... My new navy Zara trench coat ticks all the right boxes and the fabric doesn't even crease! I get really put off by garments that crease easily, it's just way too much maintenance really. The above look is what I wore on my first day in Luxembourg when I had to run some errands, so it ended up being this really casual outfit. I think a trench coat with a belted waist line really adds some extra oomph to an otherwise very simple look. I'm usually very apprehensive when it comes to scarves and generally just being warm when the temperatures are cold, so it took a lot of guts to finally switch from my thick winter scarf to this printed silky scarf from The Kooples (which was a great sale find!)

Today is our last day in Barcelona and also my mum's birthday! We will do some more shopping and also go to the Park Güell by Gaudi. Food wise, I must say we have been to some great vegan places here! Since my whole family eat kind of *special*, we really appreciated getting some awesome vegan dishes. Also the shopping has been good - everything I bought in Zara was like 10EUR cheaper than back in Luxembourg. I also got some things in Oysho (fell in love with this brand after seeing it on ASOS!) and of course some comfy bits from Brandy Melville. More on that later! ♥


Guildford fashion & lifestyle blogger D&G Sunglasses blogger Mango Knot Twist Bag Kristiana Vasarina Guildford, Surrey fashion and lifestyle blogger Biba Emroidered sleeve peplum detail blouse Dolce & Gabbana Oversized Polarised Sunglasses Black Luxembourg fashion and lifestyle blogger Biba embroidered top blogger Mango slip ons
H&M Mac (similar here &here) - Mango slip ons - Dolce & Gabbana shades - Mango bag - Biba topWhistles earrings 

There's something about spring that makes me very happy. I wake up with the sun shining in my room almost daily, my walks home become longer as I'm in no rush to get indoors, and the clothes are more lightweight. During winter I was hiding in my all black looks and layers of scarves, but now I find myself wearing more colour and different styles. 

I've been really busy with work, but I'm finally on vacation back home in Luxembourg, so blogging is a little easier now! Actually, life at large is a lot easier, haha. I have already met some friends, gone out for drinks, and got myself into a food coma at Independent Cafe (thanks to Anna's Luxembourg city café guide). Me and my family are also going to Barcelona next week, so I'm really looking forward to shooting some lifestyle and outfit posts there too. The weather will be just under 20 degrees Celsius, and I've got a lot of summery looks in mind. 

Oh, and in case you are short on TV series to watch, as always I have a couple of suggestions! These are the ones I'm watching lately - The Last Man on Earth, Scandal, Lost, Silicon Valley (soon coming back!). Also if you're looking for something funny, I swear that Parks and Recreation will be the best thing you've ever watched! TTYL ♥


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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to explore the spa at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Guildford Hotel. I instantly thought of bringing Kaori along as we both just love discovering amazing local places in our city! We both picked the package that offered a 60 minute treatment and afternoon tea - our chosen treatment was of course a full body massage. I was really excited and had definitely built up anticipation over the previous week!

To begin the day, we spent some time in the spa pool...not literally in the pool though, because we were way too busy taking pictures (#bloggerlife). I'm sure the people monitoring the security cameras had a great laugh! The room was filled with refreshments, and you could also reach the sauna rooms from this area. Soon after that, the staff came to collect us for our massage treatments. In case you're wondering, I wore a Pistol Panties swimsuit that I snapped in the sales :)

Radisson Blu Edwardian Guildford Spa Radisson Blu Edwardian

We were both brought to our treatment rooms, which had a dark, yet relaxing interior. As you can see below, the entire sink area was covered with a variety of oils and creams that would cater to different kinds of massage treatments. The masseuse asked me plenty of questions prior to the treatment, as well as carefully looking through the questionnaires that we had completed upon arrival. I let her know of my scoliosis and also told her that my shoulders and upper back were my "problem areas" that day. 

The massage was incredibly relaxing and because it was 60 minutes long, and to my delight, it felt like it went on forever, haha. I left the room literally feeling like a new person and my back felt amazing. If only I could have massage treatments every day, right?! 

Guildford lifestyle blogger spa review Radisson Blu Edwardian Guildford Hotel Spa

The entire hotel and spa had really nice interior, so, while getting ready, I couldn't resist shooting a bathroom photo too...

Radisson Blu Edwardian Guildford Hotel Spa Review

After the extremely relaxing spa break we headed to the Steak & Lobster restaurant for afternoon tea. I have been increasingly opting for vegan alternatives lately and Kaori doesn't use any dairy in her diet, so we made sure to let them know in advance. As we were told that they would cater to our needs, I was really excited to see what they will offer us. 

When we got there, we were immediately greeted by our waiter, who offered us tea (I chose strawberry and mango, yum) while we waited for our food. When the food arrived, unfortunately, the waiter seemed somewhat confused about our requirements and what they meant, which left me and Kaori confused on what we can actually eat from our tea tower. The chef did eventually apologise for their mistake, and our waiter was also incredibly apologetic about the whole situation. While for us our dietary requirements were (mostly) out of choice, there are people who could have severe health issues if they ate the wrong thing without knowing, so I do hope they will learn from this. The food was really nice, however I felt that they could have given us more options. 

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Guildford Hotel Afternoon Tea

The spa day sadly came to an end after we finished our afternoon tea. I felt very relaxed and despite the mishaps at the restaurant, the food was good and I left with a full stomach (which means a very happy me!) If you are from the Guildford area, I definitely recommend a spa day at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, Guildford Hotel! Personally a spa day is a bit tight for my budget, however I am really interested in their current offer of £45 for a package of Shellac manicure and a Fake Bake spray tan, not bad right?! 

Thank you Ellie and Edelman UK for organising this experience for us! ♥