Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So on Friday, me and Amalie went shopping for Anne-Marie's present. We had €327 in our pockets and a lot of ideas. Ben and Pedro were carrying our shopping bags all the way, so thanks guys haha. In the end we bought her a schoolbag(esprit), purple iPod nano, underwear, nightdress, loads of different condomes, even more candy, a biiiig chocolate egg and a RAF ticket. In the evening we went to her party.

Here's some pictures of me and Amalie
(taken from my phone - bad quality)


  1. Where the heck did you get all that money? :D if she like a really special person? Cos DAYUM that's a lot :O

  2. Yeahh, she's really special of course, but we did this thing that everyone who wants to buy a present puts some money in (5-20euro), so it went up to a really big sum :) and then we buy a big present from everyone togehter

  3. hihi u got really much money;D
    and good ideas:P
    i miss u baby!:( u look so great!!!!
    i love uuu<3<3<3<3<3<3