Monday, April 20, 2009

I'll move to Paris, shoot some heroin, and f**k with the stars.

Was in school today. After two long, enjoyable weeks. Woke at 6AM, took my daily shower, put my make up on, sitting next to the window in daylight, yay, and dressed up. I've got so much to do for school for the few next days/weeks, especially the stupid religion presentation due Wednesday, which I owe my teacher since like a month ago, on the original presentation date, and the Latvian book essay/presentation I owe my latvian teacher since February.. Yeah, my teachers are nice, but I really should get those two over with! BUT WORST OF ALL I've got swimming on Wednesday... NO WORDS can describe how much I hate it!!! It's not that I can't swim, cause I can, but I'm so slow compared to all the other girls, and I get tired quickly etc etc.. On to something else. MANDO DIAO ARE COMING TO LUX!! YES!! In November!!!!
Today I wore this navy blue skirt I bought months ago, but haven't really been wearing it, cause it makes me feel/look a bit self-conscious, as I constantly keep checking if it's not too short, because I shortened it. But I still love the look of it! Took some bad quality webcam pictures:)


  1. MAH i want your waist :D see, that's why i never comment also :D i only have good things to say,and it might get boring :D <3