Saturday, April 11, 2009

My thoughts about Paris Hilton's "search for new best friend"

For those who don't know about her show, she first decided she needs a new "bff" and made this show for MTV, where girls fight to be her best friend, and each week she eliminates one or more, and eventually decides who's the ultimate bff. Then she makes a new show, a complete copy of the MTV one, but this time she needs a friend in Britain. What happened to the american girl she picked? I watched the USA show a couple of months ago, and now I just finished watching the UK one. I don't like the idea of the show, but it's really fun to watch. What I really don't get is.. why make a show to find a friend? She says 'In the past I've been hurt by many girls who were friends with me for the wrong reasons' blablabla.. but anyone who's on this show is definetely there for the wrong reasons, no? They know they'll be filmed 24/7 and become famous. And anyway, if all those contestants really want a new best friend, why does it have to be Paris? During the show everyone keeps saying 'I'm not here to make friends with the other contestants, I'm only here for Paris'. But if you really need a new best friend, it could be anyone, really, just WHY PARIS? And Paris Hilton is around 27 or something dunno. Isn't it a little unserious to use the term 'bff' for a 20 something woman? Just my thoughts. Something positive though - I think Paris Hilton is one of the most beautiful and stylish people I've seen, despite her hair extensions and the load of make up and stylists, at least the result of all that looks great. So yeah, just my thoughts.

Right now I'm waiting for my parents to return from their Spain/Portugal trip and I'm feeling like the holidays are almost over, even if there's still one week. I've got a lot of schoolwork to do, and two tests to study for (chemistry and french :S), so I don't think this week will be that fun. I've got some plans with Anna, but that'll probably be all. byebye :)


  1. i totally agree with you bout her .. its like weird to search for your new best friend on television. Shes pretty but i think shes like too much sometimes. shes like :S .. i dont know .. i just dont like her personality . she visited denmark and really liked it she said.. stupid woman or what she should be called.

  2. Like you, I find it entertaining BUT yeah, sounds weird after all she said about wanting true friends, etc.
    Anyway, I also think she looks great, most of the time :] And I dont think shes as stupid as she wants people to think she is. She just wanna be THE center of attention, thats it. And that wors really well x)