Friday, April 17, 2009

New layout

That's an old webcam picture of me, i took it in October I think, but I really love my hair there! Really wondering if i should grow out of my fringe.
Anyway... I decided to change my layout a little bit, the shapes and colors. I think it's better than before.

I think they all look really great in the pictures below.

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  1. i love the first and the last one! mk olsen and nicole are love!

    and thank you for your comment dear :D

    love, alice

  2. I think you're pretty with fringe, but even more without it. But thats only my opinion ;)

    And yeah, nice pictures. Nicole Richie constantly looks good in pictures actually. Same for Mk Olsen and Jessica Stroup!

  3. thaanks<3<3 I think I'll let my fringe grow back..