Thursday, April 23, 2009

only once

Some really random pictures from yesterday! My chemistry test went to bad.. ugh. I hate going to school lately. I don't feel good there. But anyway.. it's Thursday, meaning nearly weekend! Finally time to relax.

Ooh, and i LOVE this. smells so good!

Another thing. Blogger makes my pictures look really bad :( if you wanna see how they really look, just click on the picture to full-size it :)


  1. <3 ur denim jacket!!! xxx sydneygirl

  2. i love the outfit! and i love the headband... anything with bows is good in my book! haha

    xx, Geri

  3. thaanks girls<3 the denim jacket was really cheap:D

  4. i love the vinyl leggins are so cool!