Monday, May 18, 2009


Finally my phone's battery arrived!! Now I can use my pink LG shine again :b i had to use an old nokia for almost 2 weeks, but it feels like ages..waahhh so happy. but in the nokia-period i saved quite a few new numbers, and now need to get them all back again..


  1. that's awesome congrats!! i hate when phones die! i have a nokia 6555 and it sucks i hate it lol, but dont really have the money to buy a phone i want but i'll see if i can get a good deal when my contract expires in January!

    ps: thnx 4 commenting back on my blog!! wanna be affiliates?? i'm already a follower of urs!!

  2. congrafuckulation :D
    pink hilton phone lol :D
    hm I got a little problem with my Iphone 2... but I dont want to send it in.., it probably takes months...

  3. liking ur dress :) i want an ankle tatoo too :)