Sunday, May 17, 2009

make upp

Finally uploaded the images :b this powder brush is soo beautiful, cause it's pink so i just had to buy it.
And here is the make up that I bought in Trier.
From a brand called Essence! It's soo cheap. I needed a new mascara, and wanted to buy one of my usuals, but I saw that this one was 2-3 euros, and bought it, despite the fact that all Essence mascaras I've tried were bad :) but I hadn't seen this red one before and bought it cause it's so cheap. The second one is eyebrow gel/mascara base, that I use all the time, but the first time I bought it from 'Essence'.
I only bought these lashes cause they were also around 3 euros or something and look lovely.. hmm..


  1. I have that one! they sell it in ireland =D do you like it? mine get dry after like a month :/ <3

  2. yea, that also happened to my previous essence mascaras..<3