Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new dress

Bought a new dress/top and took pics in sister's room :)
Now I got 2 things that am definetely gonna do when I live on my own and separate from family: 1 - Tattoo on my ankle, back, stomach, and 2 - get a little dog. The ones you can carry in a handbag.


  1. Dear Kristi... <--- i like it ;)
    nice dress D:
    u got an older sister? haha XD
    i will do a tattoo 2 ... my mum would kill me hahaha..
    but a little dog... ones just 2 carry in a handbag. hm that suckz XD

  2. beautiful! love your new dress! and i love dogs.

    yes that is my real hair =) haha no no... i'm glad it looks natural however it is not. i get blonde foils through it.


  3. hey kristy

    just saw ur dress when getting out of the bus i like it

  4. luv the dress!! looks amazing on u!!


  5. nice dress. and as always, good-looking Kristy ;)
    I am also considering of getting a little dog (a chihuahua or a yorkshire maybe? actually, only if they don't scare me anymore then :p) and a tattoo one day. Probably when i'll be living on my own, too :]

  6. Your blog is so lovely and you have a great style i wanna say :)
    j'adore j'adore !
    ill be back to visit you for sure :)
    a bientot !
    Boubou xx

  7. Yeah!! I like your stylish look!! Dress is looking Gorgeous!!