Friday, June 26, 2009

Some news: i have decided thumbs up for RAF, i'm going + i want to buy some nice fitting black wellington boots, to wear with shorts like Kate Moss haha. And I also found out about some other upcoming shops which I'm thinking about. There will be a gig with Anti-Flag+Alexisonfire ♥ + Fall Of Troy + The Ghost Of A Thousand (all in one). Also there'll be Prodigy+Enter Shikari. I've already seen Enter Shikari but still want to go.. :) + i need to buy the tickets for Mando Diao, which I've just remembered about. It's so weird, in the holidays I really don't feel like taking any pictures at all - just can't be bothered or keep forgetting..
I'm also really tempted by the sales everywhere. Omg.. it's so hard for me. but i need to save money for shopping in Latvia! + i'm already spending 50 euros for the ticket. and probably another 20 for the drinks. and that's just this weekend xD I cannot wait until I'm a millionaire. (dream on)


  1. oh, and i WANNA wear it, but we don't have school.. i love to wear new outfits for school :b

  2. haha, i'm stuuupid. :b
    27days in latvia! WOW, amaaaaazing. i've never been in latvia, but my dad was for work & i asked him to bring me a "i love latvia" shirt, he didn't find one, does that even exist? :s but then he brought me an "i love denmark" shirt, but i'd really love to have a LATVIA shiiirt :D haha

  3. by the way; i'm goint to DIE. without your blogging :b but i'm goint to be not in lux for nearly 3weeks too, in august, soo.. :b

  4. that's awesome you're going to raf!!!

    nice photo!!!


  5. it was sucha nice day:D
    it was just so sweet:)
    i miss u so much :(((((((((
    i love u <3<3<3<3<3<3<3