Monday, June 15, 2009


My exam week has started. Got no words to describe my emotions, but stressed, depressed, and despite all that - lazy could be close! Today I had my latvian exam, so the week has started off quite easily, but tomorrow got Biology and English, and I suck at bio.. so I'm really gonna be studying the whole day..that is after I post this! English is okay, i always get top marks without much effort! Now I can share what is going on in my cravings departement; if I had the money, I'd definetely buy these Gucci Iman sandals! They're so amazing, and look great in all the commercials. One day.. :) Plus, I just love Lindsay and her style.


  1. oo i like them!!! idk if i'd get them if i had money, i'd probably get louboutins!!