Thursday, June 25, 2009


Shiiiiit.. I thought I already made my decision about not going, when I received this. And my mind is mixed up again. Should I go or not? I really want to, but it costs 48euros, and I was planning to save as much as possible for shopping in latvia. Hmm.. I'm soo confused.
Right now I'm trying to call my parents and ask them what to do about RAF, but they're not answering! Cause there is that little tiny chance that they would pay for my ticket, cause all the recent concerts I've been to I paid myself. I think.


  1. I wouldn't go and save the money for shopping when u go to Latvia!! But that's just my opinion!

  2. i hope they can get you the tickets!


  3. good luck with your parents. but if they wont pay, i would wait for latvia :b

  4. heeh, the thing with the pictures is kinda difficult.. :b
    ; you know, i don't save my pics on the hard disc, coz it's full! donno why :( so i saved everything on the memory medium (?). but because it's a "long" way until you're on the memory medium, i made a link on the desktop & saved everything there. but that link took again space on the hard disc -.- i thought, all the pictures are not JUST on the link.thinige, but on the memory medium too, so i deleted the link. but most (NEW) pics were just saved on the link >.< so everything's GONEEEE.
    yup, that's it, hope u understood :b
    PS: when exactly are u going to latvia?