Thursday, June 11, 2009


Basically what this is about, is that our favourite teacher is leaving, it was his last year here. So I bought a photo album, and me and my class took all kinds of pictures that would remind him of us and stuff, and each person wrote something in the album. Here are some of the pictures.

in these two photos of all the girls, you can see me on the right side:) unfortunately they're pretty badly edited, so you can't see the faces =/

"backstage" haha


  1. Then I'll be the first to comment this...
    Well, it's a pity I wasn't there, I'm sorry again ^^
    It must have been fun, but at least I have written in that book something long and meaningful.

  2. all u girls look sooooo cute!!! it's sad when ur favorite teacher leaves. I'm sure u'll like another one pretty soon lol

  3. Mike - yayyy you finally commented:D

  4. nice pics :D ure in class with marta? ö
    are u in 4. or 5. year ?


  5. i just loove those(?) pictures :D