Wednesday, June 24, 2009

taylor momsen

A lot of people say she's trying to dress to look older, but perhaps that's only because of her job or it's the pressure of all the photographers chasing her, and she just wants to look good? Dunno, but I still love her.
I found some really nice (in my opinion) pictures of my mum in her early 20's - short after I was born. I'll post them here soon. or maybe now.


  1. I love Taylor too. And what you say is true about her being in the biz etc.
    They'll always say that but they don't get that its really not the clothes. It doesn't matter what she wears, being so tall and mature for her age, she always look older.

  2. Agreeing with you. And I also think she looks good

  3. i don't like her!! i like the pants though =/

  4. You changed your header right?! It looks great!!
    I love her leather pants and her style especially in GG.