Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday wishlist

I know my birthday is in more than 2 months (24 September), but I really wanted to make a wishlist on polyvore haha. By the way, I don't think I ever wrote my age on my blog. I know a lot of you already know it, but those who don't - wanna have a guess? :P
Here's the wishlist! Some of those things aren't exactly what I want, for example the military jacket, I just want some random military jacket, not specifically this one! And I believe some of these items aren't in stock anymore.

1 Guess Maeve boots - forget that post where I said I'm not quite sure. I'm officially in love.
2 American Apparel light blue shorts
3 Military Button Front Jacket from an online shop called (randomly found it on polyvore)
4 Dorothy Perkins leopard heart shaped sunglasses
5 Cheap Monday High Waisted - it's been more than a year since my last Cheap Mondays oO
6 Professional camera - haven't chosen which one yet. Any suggestions?
7 Topshop pink heart shaped sunglasses
8 Miss Selfridge denim playsuit
9 Juicy Couture lipstick charm
10 H&M wedges
11 Miss Selfridge navy military dress - i'd cut it a bit shorter though!
12 Miss Selfridge denim dress - i'd wear it with a belt
13 Money money money!
14 Topshop boots - woahh
15 Candy! - especially love these 2 types :)
16 Topshop peep toe boot - woahhhhhhhhhh!
17 Subscriptions to Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Seventeen
18 A floral dress/tunic
19 American Apparel stripe thigh-high socks
20 American apparel thigh-highs

I know I'm definetely NOT getting all of these things, but I hope for at least some! Or if any of my readers are generous (A) joking haha.


  1. i strongly recommend the canon eos 1000D :) its really good. <3

  2. I want number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,17,18,19 & 20
    I already have number 14 and they are AMAZING! and i really really want number 1 and 16 they look fantastic! i didnt even know GUess did boot/ shoes. i am gonna check this out when im in LA next month! woop xoxoxo

  3. i hope you get all that you wish for!!!!!!

    i love number 14 Topshop boots. Can't believe kirstyb has them. she's a lucky girl.

    i'm guessing you are turning 20 =)


  4. ummmm i rekon 17 then? or maybe even younger? if so, you dress reaaaally well.

    i dont think you'll get less readers!!! age doesn't matter! =)


  5. good luck lovie! happy birthday!

  6. My birthday is coming up as well, sept.1- I am also making a wish list :)

    Awesome list.... I adore all of it :)

  7. I looove n. 8 and number 14 !! And those Guess Boots are really nice, and they would really suit you.

    Ehm... I'm guessing you're turning 16 :D

    Love your blog, by the way :) x

  8. ooo I hope you get everything for your birthday! I most like number 3-- but then I'm just into jackets right now! :)
    Be sure and follow my blog-- it would really make my day.


  9. Thanks Ines! (you don't have a blog, so I'm forced to reply here:)) xx

  10. Maybe you should get a film camera, lomography is cool. and its good to be suprised when you finally see the images

  11. Those cheap monday high waisted jeans are absolutely gorgeous xx

  12. I love the topshop boots and the military dress, they are gorgeous!!


  13. aww thankyou, you are so pretty as well :) (reply to your comment)

    i definitely want the black thigh high socks and the guess boots! guessing you are maybe between 18-20?

  14. oops im so sorry, i thought you were dutch, my apologize! Thanks for your sweet comments! Your a beautiful girl with an amazing body!! like your blog! im follower from now on :) X

  15. looove the topshop boots.

    great list ^^

  16. I'm liking everything (:
    I also want a military jacket, H&M will have one in there fall/winter collection, not right now, but pretty soon I guess. Can't wait (:

  17. the professional camera is definitively a good idea since i also got one for my birthday but mine cost like 500E.
    hihi but it was totally worth it :D.

  18. cool ;)

    i have birthday at 10th september xD
    and i still dont have wishlist... oo :D
    am i too late? :D

  19. humpf, i have to wait until the 20.february for my birthday -.-
    from where do u have so much money? :b i'm jealouus x) x

  20. Wauw the thigh-highs are amazing!!! tnx for the inspiration :D