Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So I've almost finished it! I just need to fix some things on the bottom of the dress, and then it's ready to wear. But I took some pictures anyway. Man, I'm struggling with my camera. Such bad quality in certain lights. Can't wait for my birthday (24 September). Will ask for a professional camera. By the way, I've come up with a theory as to why some people reply on their own blogs, even if the commenter has a blog (it really annoys me, as i already said it earlier), so my theory is that those people are desperate for more comments :P which is kinda sad, when you see their blog full of their own comments. I also hate when people just comment the outfit, and never read the texts. Or when they just write 'cute outfit'. Kinda impersonal, no? Anyway here are the pictures.

(just to make it clear - my underwear isn't showing, it's the dress from the other side!)


  1. you're lucky!! I hope to return to Spain. The dress is very pretty *.* add you my links and if you can tell me as you have put the link of the facebook and myspace. kisses

  2. Yea, i hate when people do that, i leave tons of comments and ppl either dont comment back or comment back on their own posts.

    i really like what u did with the dress, u look amazing, and those shoes actually look pretty cute ;)


  3. i'm sorry, my english is bad.. u.u and you have links on the blog and when you click on them they send you to your myspace or facebook. how do you do that?

  4. Hm, what can I say? I'm kinda speechless when I look at that. i mean, not only is the dress WOW, but your hair :O I'm so envious. (can't help it, I've always loved blond hair.)

  5. I don't understand why many girls want their hair more thick :/ It's so much more complicated to brush (believe me, I know what I'm talking about) and sometimes, which is my case, girls with that kinda hair need to go once per month to the hairdresser to make it thinner.
    Well, i'm maybe exaggerating a bit 'cause 'm obsessed with having it thinner but still, I wish I had thin hair. ;) You should feel lucky xx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous dress ~ you look fabulous!


  7. Naww i love the posing! :D and the dress is really well done, and ahahaha i read the text everytime 8) i'm thinking of making an own blog, but it just seems so complicated :( maybe you could teach me if i decide to ! :D
    ah anyways you look beautiful as always, hope you're having a nice summer so far :) <33

  8. It's absolutely gorgeous - and so are you! PS also wish I had thick hair...damn my thin, straggly limp locks!

  9. Thank you! I hope you enjoy my blog. ;)

    I love that dress, it looks so gorgeous on you. And you're really beautiful!

    ♥ Lu

  10. cute outfit!!! no, just joking :P
    I also hate it when people reply on their own blogs!
    I love your dress btw, it looks stunning on you.

  11. haha, I was just going to write 'cute outfit' but I better not, hu?

    haha but seriously: I prefer a more personal comment too that shows that people are actually interested in what you´re saying.
    it´s crazy, I did a lot of thoughtful posts lately and everything you get sometimes is: nice dress.
    I mean, it´s a fashion blog in a way but after all, I write for a reason!

    still, you´re looking good, lovely body, if I can say this without looking like a pervert blogger.


  12. Oh my goodness - you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  13. u gotta really nice body :) and the dress looks gorgeous.

  14. Hehe, that is true about impersonal comments. I always, always try to read the articles and look at the photos, as I have had people write impersonal comments and it SUCKS to read them and think wth are they even reading?!?! SOOO yeah.

    Be sure and stop by!


  15. you look nice girl :)


  16. Yes, I know what you mean. 'Cute outfit' is just a comment 'to comment', not really something with content! :)
    And no this photoshoot with Taylor is from 2009! I don't know for what though, it was for modelling, because she's a model too.

  17. Haha yes, you're totally right.
    I know, she's such a lucky girl. I once read something which said she started modelling and something adviced her to go acting. And now she's singing too. What do you mean perfect life? Haha.

  18. This dress is gorgeous the colour and cut of the fabric are stunning!!

    Check out my blog please


  19. hey thanks for commenting on my blog! i love your dress! you have such a nice style!


  20. hahahaha you are too too funny! i love how you wrote about impersonal comments, and people replying on their own blog.

    'cute outfit' by the way ;p


  21. sexi lolita look :)
    i liked very much, heels are awesome!


  22. you look fantastic in that dress! loove that last shot.

  23. omg the dress really turned out cute.

    well from what i can see from your pictures i would never tell that your having issues with your camera, since all of them are lovely.

    enjoy the rest of your hols :)

    x <3

  24. About commenting on your own blog.. could also be if the person asks something that other people might be wondering too (and then the answer will be there..) dont know. I dont get like any comments so i dont have to think about that ;D
    but people being desperate to get more comments.. yeah i get why that annoys you. Personally i dont care at all if i dont have any comments, im not blogging for that reason ;b

    great job on the dress btw :) looks nice

  25. haha (:
    such a niice dress (:
    i prefer it in the short version ;D

  26. I. Love. This. Dress.
    Its so colourful - it makes me happy
    Nice job on making it wearable from it being two sizes too big, but I actually think this looks better than it would have done the right size, if that makes sense :)
    It would be mine

  27. What an amazing dress. I like the color.

  28. that dress is so lovely! glad you could make it work.

  29. "Cute outfit!" Only messing!
    Seriously I do love that dress though, stunning!

    I get what you mean about people commenting on their own blogs, but i do it to show people i acknowledge what they have commented on and appreciate their input. I would then normally check their blog out too and comment if i like what i see! Obviously if you had many comments/followers it would be impossible to mainain but don't see a problem if it's just a small group of readers! Just my thoughts...