Saturday, July 18, 2009


I decided to do a little make-up post today. On my last blog (skyblog xD), I received literally 100s of comments from girls asking what mascara I use and on tips how to make eyelashes bigger. So I decided that I should put up some good mascaras. I think eyes are the most important part of the face, and in order not to look too simple I try to make my eyelashes as long as possible. I've tried soo many mascaras during the last years, but most of them were really bad. There are only 4 that were really good from the ones I tried, and wanna recommend to people who want to try a new mascara but don't know which one :P

Clinique high impact mascara. I think this one is the BEST one I've used. The brush isn't huge and it makes my eyelashes so long. It doesn't dry out fast either :)

Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express mascara. It was reeaallllyyy good, except for the huge brush, which made smears on the skin around eyes, but that wasn't a problem because I wiped them off with ear picks.

DiorShow black out mascara. It was really expensive but worth the money! The brush wasn't huge (no smears), and made my eyelashes really big!

Maybelline Volum' Express Lift up mascara. It's not expensive at all, and it was also one of the best I tried! Recommend it to everyone! Also it has a really nice smell!

Now some little mascara tips:
  • If you don't want your mascara to dry quickly, just take a tissue and put it over the opening, every time you use it! Because when the tissue covers it, it can't dry so fast.
  • As I already said before, if you get mascara smears from big brushes just use an ear pick/ear plug (whatever the name) to wipe them off, so easy
  • I always put a transparent mascara on as a base, and then use an eyelash curler. I don't know how but it makes eyelashes appear longer.
  • If your eyelashes are really on the short side, you can always search a white base mascara. I had one some years ago, I just made my eyelashes white with it, and then colored them black with the normal mascara!
  • If your mascara has dried out, you can put your mascara in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, and the dried mascara will melt up, and you will be able to use it again a few times.
  • NEVER EVER buy mascaras that have a hard brush! Like the plastic kind. Here's some pictures of what I mean for example these two mascaras both have those hard plastic kind of brushes. I think that the 'hairy' soft brushes are much better!
That's all, hope it helps :)


  1. hehe, okay. :) why don't u order them? o:

  2. i use the second one, it's reaally good! :D and not too expensive :))

  3. My favorite mascara is Chanel Exceptionnel.... give it a try, it's their newest one and it is phenomenal :)

  4. The advice is really going to help, thanks! :)

    Be sure and pop by my blog today and leave me a note!


  5. My favorite mascara is diorshow. I don't know why I always try out others. They all suck compared to diorshow

  6. I've been using the yellow Colossal one for months, and yeah it works.
    Same for the Diorshow Blackout, borrowed it from one of my friends and it works very well ;O
    Estee Lauder is really good too, dunno if you've ever tried one? :p It makes my eyelashes so long!

  7. Great tips! I'm a big fan of mascara - if i could only wear one piece of make up this would be it. Thanks for the advice :)

  8. These are great tips, I definitely gonna try those mascaras out!

  9. Thanks for the tips ;b
    Im looking for a new mascara at the moment so.. :b
    Was gonna buy Loreal Telescopic, which i've had before.. i think its pretty good.
    Ive tried that maybelline volum express too, and loved it :)
    And ive also tried the define-a-lash you said had a bad brush, and yeah it doesnt work that well, i agree ;D

  10. Thanks for sharing, this was really helpful. I'd love if you did a post on your other beauty products like skin care cause your skin is FLAWLESS. :) xx