Saturday, July 25, 2009


Some pictures me and my mum took of each other this morning! PS. had a great night yesterday, met such lovely new people :)

This very nice person called Nikio emailed me asking me to look at their online store called Queen's Wardrobe, and give my my opinion/advice! So I went to the store, and wow it's impressive! The design alone is amazing. The clothing is modern and so cute, I dig the jeans&leggings section especially. The prices aren't high, and each item has all of its exact measurements written, so you can't go wrong with the size. Make sure you pay a visit and perhaps even order something!


  1. You & Your mom are both sooooo beautiful!!!! I love ur red robe & ur feet are really really cute!!

  2. Wow you and your mum look so a like! Will definitely check out Queens Wardrobe x

  3. Cute pictures.
    Your mom looks so young!

  4. two beauties :)
    you look so cute and sweet:D

  5. What a lovely robe!
    And great blog.
    You look like a model :)

    x Michelle

  6. I LOVE that red dress so much
    and both of you are stunning

  7. Your mummy is so young looking!!!!
    Both of you are very pretty! xx

  8. So cute, you and your mommy look so much alike... both very stunning :)

  9. Wow, you look so stunning in these photos :) your mum is quite lovely as well, and those flowers are divine! I'll check out the store right away :)

  10. pretty pic:)
    arghh love the online store!
    the leggings are hot.
    big kisssss <3

  11. You're so nice.

    Yes've tried so my face to hide. Danke schön:)

    The next picture I show it-hehe -

    Sorry my english is not so good :P

    Jessica :)

  12. Aww you and your mom are so adorable!! I love the red dress.

    Be sure and stop by & leave a note! And are you following me? I would be so very happy if you are. :)


  13. ihhhh kristy i started to go onto your blog like everyday :D the pictures are so cool :)) your mum and you both look soo beautiful <3333

  14. lovely pictures! :D <3
    oh how is that possible? when i ordered, there wasn't "luxembourg" in the list, i had to give a german adress O:

  15. Heyy! I think i already commented on ur blog some weeks ago & i just thought about having another look! (; And i sorta noticed you have that section on the right of Music you like i have'nt had blogspot a long time so could you maybe tell me how to make the list thingy PLEASE :D
    PS: you look so perfect in the morning hahaha XD - sorry another random comment... that's what i do :p

  16. oh and, the leggings are great!

  17. Hi Honey!

    U and Ur mom are really pretty! Great photos. I have got same white orchid. :-) I'm huge orchid fan!


  18. Oh to be queen for the day! I like your bathrobe and flowers, so pretty!

  19. Wow, you and your mum are stunning. I can tell that the looks run in the family! x

  20. Nice pictures.

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    Thank you very much and a kisses!