Tuesday, September 8, 2009

All you do is fill me up with doubt!

I bought this dress (well okay a top, but it's size L :b) in Latvia for about 5Ls! Dirt cheap ;) Only caught my eye for the pyramid studs near the top of my arms.
At the moment I'm in a period full of the unknown and questions. Or sometimes I just can't believe myself. Mostly about school; can't bother to do homework, and stuff, but most importantly, the big question is what do I want to be? Or what do I want to study when I finish school? If it's something about fashion, then I need to choose art next school year and study it, but I hate art. If it's something about computers, I need ICT, which I hate too. I hate languages, I hate maths, I hate sciences.. oh and I absolutely hate gym (even though I'm pretty good at most of my school subjects). See what I mean? With not knowing anything?


  1. Sucks that you don't know what you're going to do yet. Don't worry, a lot of people don't find out until they're older - you'll find it. I love your belt, too!


  2. you really look good in this outfit!!!


  3. Love the outfit =) I do that too make large shirts into dresses.

    And I think you should find what you enjoy doing most. For me it's always been writing and English, whether that include fashion or history or anything really!

    PS I'm jealous its so hot there!

  4. em... well if u hate art and u wanna do fashion design its really difficult to find a school that doesnt need art :Si think that even if u hate languages u are good at it so u can study something with languages and u will propably like it! its kinda easy and interesting! well duno good luck just said my opinion! btw I HATE MATHS TOO!LOVING THE PICS

  5. Love this outfit it's really cute ! ^^
    Thanks for your comment. :)

  6. Great outfit!
    I'm back at school on Thursday, ugh! I've just had to chose my options, so i know what you mean about all that! :)

  7. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !

    So sorry it took me awhile to get back to you:)

    Ohhh my,love this simple dress yet you made it look so chic with a belt !
    And I love your hair it's beautiful !

    Following your blog is a must<3




  9. oh i love this
    so simple and chic
    easy summer dress to throw on
    love the belt as well

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  10. So cute! I love your hair too.

    I know what you mean about not knowing what to do with your life. I was like this for the past..hm..7 years? haha. But I think if I just continue trying out things then I'll find what I love one day. And I was right cause I'm quite happy with my school now and the classes I'm taking.
    Just continue taking the classes you hate the least.

  11. You look lovely,
    thanks for dropping by my blog =)

  12. Lovely belt!
    It's hard to decide what to do when you finish school but try to see beyond your school subjects. Try to see what you want / don't want to do : Do you want to make something with your hands? Work in an office? Outside? etc.
    Hope it helps ;-)

  13. pretty Outfit!!


  14. that's a nice top/dress!
    hm i have the same problem as you, i hate most of the subjects, even though i'm not bad in most of them.
    the only thing better is, i don't have to choose what i'm going to study yet, because i'm only 15 years.
    but if i had to, i'd have the same problem, hahaha.

  15. gahh i know exactly what u mean.. in switzerland this is my last year of obligatory school (4th year) and i have to choose what i wanna be in the next 4 months cause i gotta get registered in wich ever kind of high school i go to and i still have no clue of what i want to be!! ps love the shirt+the belt =)

  16. ps ps again, just read annas comment and i think u should deffenetly not do that, doing something wich ur good at but hate sucks, ive heard lots of stories.. (nothing agaisnt u anna jsut saying), also i think fashion desiner or make up artiste suits u really good, and if u dont like art u can always look for another school outside school, theres some special art schools based on fashion ;)

  17. wow, you look much older than 15!
    i think i really can't make a choice on this age yet!
    but i wish you very much luck with your choice, and just choose what feels the best!

  18. You look perfect, anyway can you email me as soon as you get this.

  19. you have such a cute blog! and i don't know what i'd like to be either... i just hope it's something i like doing and it pays well. :)

  20. Re:Awwww,thanks girl ! You're really so sweet :) Flabby means like your arms has loose meat and the meat swings when you wave bye bye. heeeee

    Yes yes,go for sushi !

  21. Nice dress! But don't worry about not knowing what you want to be, because in reality you can be several people. I'm a stylist, photographer, writer, designer, I own a flea market and I have fun. Never subject yourself to one idea of life. Being everything at once makes you in demand... Hope my suggestion helps you... But with all that said, I still am confused at times. I guess it's just part of growing up.

    The Youth

  22. You look amazing... simple and sooo chic!

    Don't worry about not knowing...it will come to you. I applied to university for criminology and hated it on the first day. So I took a variety of different courses and fell in love with architecture and fine art.... ever since then I never looked back or doubted my choice. You just know when it is yours!

  23. holy shit.. it's gorgeous. It's crazy gorgeous!

    xoxo Marsey

  24. yees, paris rockss :D
    ahh, that's difficult, because there's no subject you really seem to like (?) :b <3

  25. haha i do that tooO! the wearing l's as dresses

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