Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birthday tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'm turning 16, but I've always felt kinda older (since forever), so I'm not that excited about the number, haha. + Today I reached 100 followers, yay :D Thanks so much guys, it's really so sweet. And here's something I've been dying to know : on my blog, what do you want more of? (eg. more updates, more pictures, shopping posts, private life etc? just say anything that's on your mind) <3


  1. I really like outfitposts, like everyone I think.
    And maybe you can post some things that inspire you?
    But you're blog is great!

  2. oh my god, i can't believe you are only fifteen! well sixteen as of tomorrow (happy birthday) but seriously i thought you would be about 19 even 20!

    i love your blog, especially when you do outfit/shopping posts :) they're my favourite <3

  3. i love to see more personal style and personal life if you dont mind. i know i such a nosy person, but youre interesting to know :]

    happy birthday tomorrow!

  4. Hope you're going to spent a great tomorrow for your b-day, remember that you'll be 16 only once in life (and I wouldn't mind going back of some years right now ;-P )

  5. shopping posts and I definitely wanna hear about your schoolife and stuff. I think it's very interesting because schools in are so different in fic countries.
    btw, I rly like your blog!:)

  6. Oh I also turned 16, 13days ago.. :D
    But I didnt post about it. At that day I was flying from Vn back to Germany. :D
    I hope I won't forget to say Happy B-day. :)

  7. you can write about your friends and boyfriend and something more about you. i like read about fashion like almost everybody, but put more pic. and i think you are very beautiful. love your style!

  8. personnally i think they way u have it right now is really nice, u have a bit of everything wich makes it interesting and fun to watch ;)x

  9. Yay! Congrats on a 100 followers. And yeah, from reading you're blog, I've always felt you were older than me!
    That's really cool how teenagers from Latvia seem older and more independent; I get the feeling that teenagers from Europe are generally like this anyway.

    Hmm and definitely more outfit posts! I love you're style!

  10. CONGRATS! Yeah I totally understand how you feel about the 16th birthday thing lol, I don't even remember my 16th birthday. Hope you have fun!

  11. I absolutely love your blog. I would love to see more post about your life, fashion, shopping, and anything else. I am so excited when I see that you have new posts! Enjoy your birthday-Thanks

  12. I think that you should include post on diy projects or how you alter your clothing. I am a huge fan of do it yourself projects and would love some ideas from such a fashionable girl like yourself.

  13. Girl,its fine about not reading all the text. I understand,I too get busy sometimes as well. No worries about the comment thing.

    And you don't have Topshop from where you're from ?! Why not ?? But we don't have h&m here :(

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl !! Sweet 16 and congrats on your 100followers :) Amazing,would love to see more shopping trips and outfit posts.
    Hmm private life is cool too,but really up to you to show us <3

    I know how we don't like to be older. Urghhhh,I'm turning 20 next year and I feel so scared and afraid of being another year older ahhhhh

    Loved the top you're wearing by the way <3 <3 <3

  14. happy birthday!!!!
    i love your bloggg
    i especially love your outfits and shopping posts!

  15. definitely more updates!

    happy birthday love. hope you have a fabulous day ♥

  16. anything and everything! haha keep doing what you're doing because whatever it is it's working for you!

    oh and i totally, i hate it when it's not the right size. that kills. it's just like AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    ahaha happy birthday for tomorrow!
    a little bit wiser a little bit bolder :P

  17. happy (early) birthday!! and congrats on all the followers, too.