Friday, September 25, 2009

Present pt 2

Today my friends gave me this box.. guess what's inside!

By the way thanks for the many comments lately, I haven't had the time to either accept or answer them, but I'll try to get back to them when I find the time.

And thanks for advising me of what I should do more on my blog. I've thought about it a little bit and from now on I promise
  • more outfit posts
  • more pictures!
  • shopping posts whenever I shop
  • and I guess a little of my personal life


  1. in my opinion , that wasn't really nicely said. that poeple comment, just to get a comment back from you. pretty rude from you. isn't it possible that they just want to be nice or polite?


  2. i'm sorry if you feel that way, but i'm pretty sure about it.. if they want to be polite, at least they write it nicely, not in this sort of short, fast written way, you know.. i mean when you see comments like that, you can immediately tell the difference. I'm not a mean person, but i can get really annoyed at times, but i think that they're the ones being rude(especially people who only write nil to two words in a comment and the rest is the link to their blog?)..

  3. maybe you are right, but i still think many are honestly just liking your pictures. i didn't mean to be rude either, i just read it there and i think many can be offended by that. i've never commented here before, so i'm not talking of myself.
    i really like the new shoes , if im allowed to say that, cos you might get annoyed..? :)

  4. Well thanks for pointing that out, i guess I'll remove it.
    but i think anyone would get annoyed when somebody comments something, clearly not having spent a minute to read the post, and just writes like 'i'm gonna follow you, nice blog blabla, please follow me too', and when i don't follow them, they unfollow me :P
    PS. I guess you meant the very last part as a joke, since you have actually spent time to read this post and haven't left a link to promote your blog, so it's totall different :):P

  5. yes , well it was kind of supposed to be a joke, but i dont have a blog here anyway, so thats actually the main reason i didnt leave a link (=
    anyway, you're blog is interesting and i especially like the outfit posts!

  6. omgg them boots are hot! Are they the Miss Selfridge ones? Gorgeous! <3

  7. So are those the Miss Selfridge ones, or the Guess ones? Either way, you have a great boyfriend for getting you such an awesome present! I got 'This Is Spinal Tap' and a hug for mine... haha.

    Still going to leave a link for my blog, partly because I don't want to be a sheep and change how I leave comments based on one person's opinion, partly because yes, I would like some traffic on my blog - it's nice to know that people read what you think! It does annoy me when people leave comments that just say 'great dress', because it doesn't look like they've spent much time there, but I don't think I really do that - which means I can link my blog if I like! So nerrr. :)

  8. you finally got the boots! i'm so happy for you :)

    by the way, i don't know if you edited the post or not, but i think that it is courteous to respond to posts on people's blogs but not at all required. personally i usually comment because i like to share my reactions to people's posts, because i know that i would like to hear reactions to my posts too. but i do not get offended if people do not respond at all.

  9. i love those boots! If i were walking in a store i wouldn't even think about picking them up but when you wear them they look AWESOME! isn't it funny how the pieces which don't look best on the shelf look the best worn?
    or maybe that's me and my lack of eye for fasion!

    anyway hope you're having a lovely day!

  10. Yes, those boots are great! I've a similar pair from Topshop and I use them almost always!

  11. what a very nice surprise!
    wish i had such a great boyfriend, haha.
    & oh yes, you look really cute in them!

  12. ohh how cute :)
    u lucky pig :D

    but they aint from deichmann yeah? haha..

  13. wow...
    lucky girl!!!!!!!
    really like your boots!!!!!!

  14. Soooo you still go to my blog huh?? I thought u don't like it!!??

    P.S: Those boots look pretty cute on you ;)

  15. those boots are so cute! And I love your shirt too.
    Did your bf make the box himself?

  16. those boots are the hottest ever!!!! i'm looking for a pair like this.... and by the way, you're boyfriend's amazing! lucky you!

  17. You look fantastic in those! :)

    PS: Exchange links? :)

  18. Awwww,that's so sweet of him to give you this as a present !

    And those boots are way beautiful:) Totally could see you wearing them in almost any outfit<3

    And I can't wait for the next post<3Adore the top and ring you're wearing.

    And glad you liked the feedback on your blog <3 <3