Friday, October 16, 2009

Heavy autumn

I can't seem to find a way to make two sidebars - one on the right side, and one on the left...? When I was like 11-12, I was obsessed with designing my own homepages on some host sites, and always found new, cool HTML codes, haha. I have to change my template to get the sidebars, but if I change my template, there'll be too much to be done, and I simply don't have the time.. Does any have any alternative suggestions?
PS. I LOVE FARMERS! Because of their protest on Monday, all the streets will be blocked with tractors near my school (ha..ha..), so I'll be having a three-day-weekend, like all the other people from my school.


  1. i love that outfit, warm and sophisticated =]

    and i loveeeeeeeeeeee having days off from school, i need more of them lol

  2. Like your outfit!
    And that's cool of the farmers!:P
    ps.It's sounds silly but wich language do you speak in Luxembourg?

  3. no clue but you look great!! love that scarf!!

  4. Ooh I remember this from when I wanted to have two sidebars. I'm completely template illiterate, so what I did was google a way to do it. i think i simply googled "two sidebars on blogspot" and someone had a tutorial on it. It was really simple considering, and didn't take up a lot of time at all.

  5. You look so beautiful as always !

    Love love your gray top and the black cardigan over:)

    Ohhh man,so sorry I can't help with with layout stuff. Because I sucj at such things. Me needs help with mine tooo.

    And a 3day weekend ?! Thats awesome<3

  6. Lovely look. Have a nice week-end!

  7. great scarf! love it.