Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Right now I'm sitting in the bus to town, will be meeting Kate later! I've been thinking weather I should do a Questions&Answers post, but what's holding me back is the thought that I might not get any/a lot of questions, and will end up looking like a fool :p what do you think, should I have a Q&A post?


  1. yeeah you really should.
    for example my questions would be which straightener you use, hair stylings etc but also how much money do you spend on clothes per month ? (:

  2. Why not? You can give it a try!
    I'm sure you are going to get plenty of questions and you don't need to answer them all.
    You can select the best ones, your readers will understand!

  3. Girl !! you should have a Q&A post:)

    I'll be giving you a few of my questions. And not to worry about how much response you have,its always really fun and interesting<3

    That's what matter!

  4. Bah don't worry about that, the questions people ask, they excepect answers, and that's what matters ;)