Friday, November 20, 2009

Bleeding is a luxury

Busy weekend!
Going to do Amalie's birthday surprise. I'd really love to tell you guys what it is, but I've recently found out that she reads my blog too, so.. ;) Anyway, I'm gonna go to Anne-Marie's house in an hour or so.. gonna prepare everything and then Gabriele and Amalie will come around 8 or 9. Tomorrow will be the real big surprise ;) This is what I'm gonna be wearing, picture taken 5 minutes ago.

So.. I think I'm gonna be home tomorrow at around 6 or 7.. Until then, I don't think I'll be blogging. Ciao


  1. i love your jacket...studs are my obsession!!

  2. i love your studded jacket!
    xo anna

  3. you have an awesome blog ! i saw ur feature through Fashion Jinx ! and feel in love with your looks straightaway !

    definately following and adding you to my blog roll .

    hope you'll follow me back :)

  4. really like your jacket, so cool!

  5. What is so luxarious? YOU LOOK LIKE A HOBBO! You look so slutty.. and your butt is so big:(