Monday, November 9, 2009


Recently I've been receiving quite a lot of comments in the form of: "I love your blog, I'm following it now! Please follow my blog too, here's the link!" Now, I don't mean to offend anyone, but just trying to enlighten a few people, and hopefully save a little bit of their dear time in the future, to prevent them from thinking I'll follow their blog too. I just want to make it clear (in a nice way, I hope), that I will NOT follow your blog, just because you ask me. Yeah, sure I'll check it out and probably comment, but will only follow your blog if I decide to, because I really love it or something.. I can't afford to spend much time on my computer during school days, so I only check my favourite blogs each day, and those are the ones I follow. Hope we understand each other.
I really don't, however, understand those people who do these kind of comments. Is the number of your followers really that important? I mean surely, if your blog is really cool, you will get followers without begging anyone to do it.
Last but not least. I'm not referring to anyone specific, these comments have been made by numerous people, so nothing personal to anyone. And I'm sorry if I sounded a little bit mean, but I'm a moody person, and get really annoyed when something annoys me. Plus I haven't had the best day either ;)


  1. I actually don't mind when people does this and I admit to doing it myself. I love finding out about new blogs so this is an easy way for me to find them. This is how I found some of my favorite blogs that I now read daily.

    But I do understand your point. :-)


  2. Definitely know what you mean. Blogspot ist the new myspace, don't you think?