Sunday, November 8, 2009


Jacket -, bag -, striped top - H&M, black tube top underneath from i don't know.. :D, shoes - (only 22 dollars! I know you hate me)
Someone told me to post this picture.. I didn't do it before because I thought (and still think) that my jacket looks weird there (why did I leave it closed/why does it look too big?). Julia took the pic, and tomorrow I will get all the other pictures. She's amazing! Click here for her lookbook profile :)
  • Anyways, I was really surprised at how different my readers are! I didn't know some came from New Zealand, or USA, and had kids! Some were also younger and did some really interesting things!
  • Also on the Q&A post, someone asked me for my eyelash routine, and I decided to make a separate post with pictures in a few days.
  • The correct answer for the shoes was of course H&M haha :)


  1. It's a gorgeous photo! I love the outfittt.

  2. Those are fabulous shoes. Where did you get them?

  3. Hi! thanks for your comment! This outfit is really nice! xoxo

  4. Wow, you look like a model in that picture, you got a great photographer!

  5. This pic :O omg I love it!!
    You're so lucky that you're getting the pics tomorrow xD
    Don't post ALLL the pics on FB pls :P I wanna first see them and stuff ,cause otherwise it won't be interesting any more <3<3

  6. Haha,man patīk kā tu mani adreso ''someone''.Es neredzu problēmas ar tavu jaku! :)

  7. this is great (: i wish i had a good photographer, i'm forced to use my mom as a photographer, which is always interesting xD anyways, this is cute, love your shoes ~

  8. kate, i made an album with the pics :p only you and kristy can see them :) check my profile. <3
    loove your blog kristy :) and yes, you will receive the pics tomorrow - finally! <3<3

  9. You are so beautiful! great outfit, the jacket does not look big!
    looking forward to your eyelash routine post.

  10. The pictures style is Wow!
    now following you with rss feed and blogger, follow me 2 ;)
    Come check the new stunning posts ^^


  11. Gorgeous jacket !! It looks so beautiful and not one bit weird ar all.

    Those heels are gorgeous tooo:)

  12. Lovely photo and I love the Tags in the backgroud.

  13. You are so lucky to have H&M when I lived in Austria we would go on weekends but there's none where I live now :/ I love your style!