Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks <3

To all my followers! I remember when 6 months ago I only had 7 (haha)! Thanks so much for following :) comment+new followers is what keeps me blogging.
Right now I'm studying maths.. Limits, inverse functions, reciprocal functions.. And around 4 times more other things. Got a test on Friday! I'm pretty good and logical at math, but that's only when I study, which I've been doing quite a lot during the last days (feels like). Well..what to say?.. I'm a smart blonde! ;)


  1. Argh, this haha makes you seem so arrogant.
    Hope you are not :)

  2. Hey, I was going to follow you but my pc will not let me, so ill do it later sometime. I have commented on your blog before but as anonymous, i always forget my login. Good luck on your test!x

  3. i love your blog, really! what haircolor do you use? :)

  4. hahhah good test on friday, honey!