Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Todays outfit

Coat - H&M, jeans - Cheap Monday, boots - Miss Selfridge

NOTICE: I received many nice messages in my inbox on facebook, from people telling me that they added me cause of my blog (like I asked!). I accepted them all, and they were all super nice in the messages! :) Thanks! But now, there started getting pretty many.. I decided that facebook needs to stay my more or less 'private place', just for people from school or who I know.. So I think I'll stop accepting people with no mutual friends or who I don't know :( Nothing personal, just have way too many 'strangers' in my friends list now :/ perhaps I really should make a group where people can add me and talk to me there? But that I think is pretty vain, haha..
Well, whatever! You can always email me, my email is on my sidebar. I'm more than happy to receive emails and I'm actually a super nice person (may not be the impression that you might have had, after reading my blog. My blog is just something for fun, and not really meant for only 1 person. It's meant for a lot of people, which is totally different in a way). So don't hesitate, if you have something to ask/say and are too shy to comment, then can always do it privately :)


  1. you look nice in this picture! :)
    i love the jacket and shoes

  2. Gorgeous boots and I want your jacket !!!

  3. Hi Kristiana!
    You can create a facebook fan page for your blog in order to accept all your fans ;)
    You can create it here http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php
    Hope it will help you!