Wednesday, December 2, 2009


favourite magazine Glamour!
favorite blog(s)
4th and bleeker (how can she always look so good?), by the girl (although we've had a few fights, i think her blog is great, and she's a nice person), fashiontoast, shelley, gillofilippa, lisaplace.. many more. got a huge daily check-up list, perhaps should tell you more sometime.
favourite clothing jackets! my obsession. always want more.
favourite Lip Smacker ohh, i don't use them, but would love to try!
favourite music pop-rock-techno-metal-dance-hip hop-indie. basically everything
favourite perfume recently have been using Alien, D&G The One and Moon Sparkle by Escada
favorite clothing store got way too many! don't have one particular one, i buy clothes from whereever i see something nice
favorite fashion magazine vogue
favorite fashion designer i don't own any clothing from big designers, but I like balmain, balenciaga, chloe.. the list is long
favourite trend for the upcoming winter season to be honest I don't have a clue of any upcoming trends! at the moment i really like sequins/everything shiny, big shoulders.. and warm scarves
favorite shampoo uhh no clue
favourite hair treatement no idea! don't really use anything
favourite hair dresser i'm not that involved in hair styling and stuff.. don't know any famous hairdressers haha
favourite hair colour of course blonde, but i also like brown, black and red. depends on the person, but any color looks good
favourite makeup brand clinique and bourjois and maybelline
favourite color black, gold, pink, navy blue, purple, white, gray.
favourite tv show desperate housewives, csi: miami, 90210
favorite candy way too many. kinder surprise pleases me anytime
favorite food pasta, lasagna, vegetable pizza, tiramisu, candy, sushi, chinese..
favorite movie no idea, seen way too many good ones to have ONE favourite one..
favorite country / city list is long and contains a few countries/places i haven't been to yet, but will. london, sweden, finland, america, latvia, paris..
your number one styling tip EXPERIMENT! have been doing it a lot lately. hate boring outfits. you know - just jeans and a cardigan. always spice it up. think to yourself - how can i make myself stand out and look different? +++ only wear what looks good on you. that's why I don't really follow fashion/latest trends. I go to shops, see what I like and if it looks good on me, then I just buy it.


  1. why did you have fights with bythgirl?:)
    luv ur blog, ur so pretty:)

  2. haha i follow the same blogs as yours, and your favourite colours are creepily my fave colours also :S
    weird ay haha!