Friday, December 4, 2009

I know I'm like a ghost

So damn stressed/depressed/weak. And everyone in my house just seems to be pressing on those buttons all the time, waiting for me to explode. Hate parents controlling me. Yesterday my mum comes in my room and we had a short convo:
Mum : Why are you on the computer looking at dresses and not studying?
Me : Because it's 23:00 ?
Mum : Yeah but you're NEVER studying! When do your exams start?
Me : I think I'm old enough to know when I should study what !!!!!!!!!!
Mum : Yeah, I'm sure it will reflect on your exam results..
Me : They will be good!
Mum : Fine, then just continue looking at dresses and not studying, and we will see how "good" your marks will be.
Me : FINE!

Great. Now I gotta prove her wrong. Gotta study.


  1. Great picture and outfit, i like the heavenly vibe its giving off glad i stopped by your blog again! cant wait for more new posts!

  2. i really like your blog a lot!:)it is always interesting to read what you have written and your photos are simply great! most of all i love your outfit posts , shopping posts and wish lists :)

  3. love this outfit, you have such amazing style :) followed!

  4. this blouse is from zara right?
    i got it in xs but it's really large though ;)
    love your blog ! xx

  5. anon - yess zara! i bought it months ago but i think mine is also xs and fits perfectly, just having problems with finding how to wear it, since it goes veeeery wide around the waist! thanks :)

  6. My mom loves yelling at me for looking at clothes too much instead of doing homework.

    Haha cute outfit!


  7. I really love love your headband ! All the best with your exams too yea :)

  8. very nice photo I love your blouse, very nice look

  9. how did you make the knot in the blouse? i tried it sooo many times now and i don't have a clue how to make it ;)
    because i don't find a way to wear it too :|
    love, melanie xxx

  10. Well, each time I make a knot in a top, it looks different :P but I think here I just made a knot, and "hid" it on the inside of blouse or put it in my jeans.. i really don't know, it was fast :D
    I think it looks good with jeans. especially when you have a big blouse, and then you tie it so it isn't the same "big" shape everywhere. if you get what i mean :) x