Monday, December 21, 2009

Me? Weird?

So I'm sorta bored, and I decided I should tell you some weird things about me.
  • I always add extra salt/sugar/soya sauce (whichever one suits best with the food) to everything.
  • I don't watch TV, nor read any magazines (except Glamour) anymore, since everything I need can be found online. However, I read a lot of books, because that's something that can't be found online.
  • I spend 1/3 of all my money on junk food.
  • I get really really nervous when I'm late.
  • I make a plan for everything. I feel lost when I haven't made a plan for something..
  • In the bus, I always try to sit near a stop button, because the idea of standing up &walking to another place in the bus to click the button, while the bus is driving, is appalling.
  • I will NEVER leave the house if I'm not satisfied with what I'm wearing or how I look. (although I get new ideas fast, and can decide another outfit in less than 5 minutes)
  • I sleep like a vampire, or a dead person. Straight on my back, hands put together on my stomach or chest. I really don't know why.
  • I have 3 obsessions clothing-wise : SHOES, JACKETS/COATS, SKIRTS. I have many of all, except skirts, but I'm working on it ;-)
  • I have a problem with my spine, so I find it difficult to go on long walks, or shop for a long time, or swim, since my back starts hurting so much after such little time..
  • Guess you could say that I'm a deep thinker. I think about all the things I shouldn't think about and come to weird conclusions.
  • I feel naked when I 1) forget my rings/bracelets at home 2) forget to put some perfume on 3) don't have my phone with me.


  1. oh man i totally understand with your back =/ i can't stand for much long without hurting. i feel your pain!

  2. I feel "naked" too without my phone.
    Also without my bag & purse!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  3. you're not weird! I have the same habits in the bus, when I'm sleeping, I have always to make a plan for everything, I hate when I don't put perfum, rings and don't know where is my phone, I'm always (not alwyas :P) insatisfied of what I'm wearing, I think too much and I can't be late because if I'm late omg you don't want to know what happens!

  4. I try not to add too much salt butttt I will add sugar, soy sauce, or ketchup whenever I feel my food needs it. I can't eat 60% of vegetables without ketchup :P

  5. wow alot of these things we have in common its funny... i caught myself sleeping like that the other night and felt wierd but it was comfortable

    Vi from Cali

  6. haha, the thing with the bus stop, i know :p
    i think its almost embarrasing to walk to a button (?) haha ;D

  7. Haha Kristy me too I sleep like a dead person ,woohoo I'm not the only one weirdo:P
    and same with the coming late thing :P
    fuck ,fakes must freak you out >.<

  8. - i'm like addicted to salt! :b
    - oh, you don't wanna see me, when i'm too late :b
    - without plans i always feel like i forget half of my stuff i wanted to do/buy.
    - oh me too, the bus-thingie. but even worse is, when you don't know, where exactly to get out of the bus & you push the button at every busstop, haha xd
    - shoes & jackets/coats, absolutely !
    - me too, i get problems with my back after some time.. my mother always says, that it's because i'm not doing enough sport..
    - i love to philosophize (?) with my friends, amazing what the results are! :D
    - without my phone? i feel lost.