Thursday, December 3, 2009


Yep, that's right, no school tomorrow. But will I go out like normally? Nop :/ my exams are coming up, got 9 of them this year. starting next friday, ending the friday after. So I better start studying. I feel like such a noob, sitting home, on the computer. I mean, my sister is going to a party today, and coming home at 23:00. Not that it would be late but she's 12 years old! When I was 12, I could only dream of my parents letting me do that .. and then she's going to some disco on the weekend too! Sucks to be the oldest child, have to be the first one to go through everything, and after that the parents ease up on the youngest children..


  1. naaw :/ i'm not going out either, have a geo test on monday and then compos starting on wednesday....
    yeaah, my little sister is allowed to do anything. really sucks. but i'm supposed to be "the responsible one" hahaha :p
    don't worry too much bout compos, it's a lot in 5th year, i know, but it'll be over really quickly :) i'm just really pissed off cause i have advanced english, so my compo is friday the 19th, but everyone who doesnt have and adv subject finishes on the 17th... so basically 2/3 of my year finish a day before me :/

    loving the picture by the way :) <3<3

  2. ohh yess!! i had the same problem some time ago! now i dont.. because my sis is 19.. and we have grown up now..and dont have that problems anymore.. but i can understand what do you feel when that things happens!

  3. I know just how you feel..
    Fx I got the first phone when I was 12. My little brother is 8. He already got one. Sometimes it sucks to be the oldest..

  4. WOW! ha I think I can only dream of that now & I'm seventeen. US teens really are behind =( Ah well, don't study too much. Studying too much will be just as bad as not studying at all.

  5. Love your jeans!

  6. im sorry you cant go out tonight!
    I know hhow you feel and I am piled with work!
    I love your blog!
    the pictures are very cute!
    Come check mine out

  7. well you're on the same position with me. when my sister was in the age of 12 she really could do everything she wanted to do, but not me! by the way, you're so dilligent. i'm having my final exams too but i'm so lazy to study although i know science class will be so hard!
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  8. I feel ya about being the oldest + shitloads of homework..

    And cool, you guys use the 24-hr clock.

  9. it's the opposite with me and my sis :P
    i can go out how long i want to and she has to be at home at 9pm, she's 15 :P and i'm 16, not a really huge difference

    but at the age of 12? that's not really responsibly, i think there are some limits for 'kids'
    but that's just my opinion :)

    if she's 14/15, she can go out how long she wants, i wouldnt really care if 11pm or midnight. but when i was 12 i used to play barbie (false, i was 10 xD) and coming home at 9pm :D:D

    how can she visit discos? don't they look up after her age? :P

    i'm also the oldest, hard life huh -.-'

  10. thefashionave: she's talking about a school disco.
    Bad music, expensive sneakers, teachers around, nothing cool, trust me :p

  11. anon - totally agree! i don't get why they still make the discos since they have never been such a big success in the first place? however, it must be really cool to go there before you're actually allowed to go out for real haha