Monday, June 29, 2009

Here's some pictures from RockAField. I had almost 200 on my camera so i'm just putting the ones I like the most here :P

The Virgins

Amalie & Anne-Marie

The Ting Tings

Papa Roach

Mathias with Amalies belt..:p

Eagles Of Death Metal

Peter Fox

Razorlight if not obvious.

Franz Ferdinand

Mathias, A-M, Amalie

Kings Of Leon

Friday, June 26, 2009

Some news: i have decided thumbs up for RAF, i'm going + i want to buy some nice fitting black wellington boots, to wear with shorts like Kate Moss haha. And I also found out about some other upcoming shops which I'm thinking about. There will be a gig with Anti-Flag+Alexisonfire ♥ + Fall Of Troy + The Ghost Of A Thousand (all in one). Also there'll be Prodigy+Enter Shikari. I've already seen Enter Shikari but still want to go.. :) + i need to buy the tickets for Mando Diao, which I've just remembered about. It's so weird, in the holidays I really don't feel like taking any pictures at all - just can't be bothered or keep forgetting..
I'm also really tempted by the sales everywhere. Omg.. it's so hard for me. but i need to save money for shopping in Latvia! + i'm already spending 50 euros for the ticket. and probably another 20 for the drinks. and that's just this weekend xD I cannot wait until I'm a millionaire. (dream on)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Shiiiiit.. I thought I already made my decision about not going, when I received this. And my mind is mixed up again. Should I go or not? I really want to, but it costs 48euros, and I was planning to save as much as possible for shopping in latvia. Hmm.. I'm soo confused.
Right now I'm trying to call my parents and ask them what to do about RAF, but they're not answering! Cause there is that little tiny chance that they would pay for my ticket, cause all the recent concerts I've been to I paid myself. I think.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I seriously cannot wait until August, when I'm going to Latvia! There will be so much shopping, that's why I'm being really careful with money right now, I'm also not going to RAF, because of that, cause once the tickets sold out, some people offered them for 60-80, and it's a little too much. I'm just so excited to shop in Latvia, I just feel like screaming. The shops probably wouldn't be that great if I lived there, but it totally differs to the shops I'm used to in Luxembourg or Germany and stuff.. I can't stop already checking out all the shop homepages and looking at the clothes. A not so great thing is that I won't have internet there (i think), so I won't be able to update my blog haha, except maybe from my cousin's or friends houses, but I don't think I'll spend much time worrying about that. Here are some pictures from the Bik Bok campaign, it's one of my favourite shops in Latvia (as well as really many others!)


As I said, I found some pictures of my mum in her 20's. In my opinion, she was really stunning, and still is! She's the best mother I could ever have, and I love her with all my heart.. The little kid on the photos is me, cause my sister and brother weren't born yet, and the man is my dad. I'm sorry for the image quality though, they were all in a photo album, behind the transparent plastic thingy, and I took the pictures with my phone, but retouched them a little bit on my pc.

taylor momsen

A lot of people say she's trying to dress to look older, but perhaps that's only because of her job or it's the pressure of all the photographers chasing her, and she just wants to look good? Dunno, but I still love her.
I found some really nice (in my opinion) pictures of my mum in her early 20's - short after I was born. I'll post them here soon. or maybe now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New header

As you can see, I've uploaded a new header, it's really simple and boring, but I was so tired of the old one with my picture, just had to get rid of it NOW. I don't think I'll be keeping this one for long, it's just a temporary solution until I find the time and ideas for a better one. I decided not to go to RAF, that is unless I get a ticket for free! Cause I don't wanna pay an overpriced price such as 60-80, just cause it's sold out. The bands aren't that good too (in my opinion), except for of course Franz Ferdinand. All my friends are going though, so I feel a little sad, but unless I get a free ticket miraculously, I'll have to stay home and get over it:b

Some more of the pictures I've just found the time to sort out:


I know I haven't posted anything for "long", but I hadn't been spending much time home or on the pc and yeah.. my exams finished on Friday, I'm really hoping I won't fail any.. Tomorrow my dad is gonna bring back my own laptop, which has been at the repairing place for almost half a year, and then I can finally stop using my sister's laptop :) My holidays are full of plans, and I really need to stop wasting money on junk food, too many drinks, "unnecessary" new clothes, and stuff..
I'm also really sick since the last two evenings I hadn't dressed warm enough for the weather, now I'm coughing all the time and got a hay fever.. so nasty. During the last 2 weeks I've also taken some pictures, but til now I haven't had the time to actually look at them and fix and post.. I'll do that as soon as possible.