Sunday, August 30, 2009

You're gold, live it up to your dreams

I'm backbackback. Thanks for all the nice comments and all the new followers, who started following when I wasn't even posting anything :) My time in Latvia was really great, I met loads of old friends and I also did so much shopping! Perhaps I'll do a shopping post? what do you think? Anyways here are some pictures from the wonderful 27 days. I know it's mostly pictures of me, but I don't think my friends would like it too much when I'm posting them here, or perhaps you won't really be interested in pictures of friends/my free time. Enjoy! PS. one or two of the pictures lack quality, oops

Latvian beach!

I love this cheap military jacket I bought in H&M in January sales :D

With my cousin

In a place called Andrejsala

National day. with a TV presenter who talked to us live

With an old friend, Kristaps

My cute bikini top :D plus that's a light on my hair, no it isn't half dark and half white ;)

With Kristaps' glasses

On the beach with mum

My grandad's garden near the beach on a countryside

I love that dress but it seems to be shorter on the backside, and longer at the front, so it forces me to pull it down all the time :(

And then it got cold on the beach

At a part of my garden in Latvia

On the beach with some old classmates, was great!

At my cousin's house, watching the hills :D

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goodbye for a while

I just figured I won't have any time for the computer during the weekend, I'll be packing it away anyway. So I'm going on a vacation for 24 days starting from Monday. I won't have internet, except I'll check my emails from time to time at neighbours or friends houses, so if there's anything - just write me Also keep commenting my posts, I'll get back to everything once I'm back :) plus I promise a lot of new stuff and pictures. Byebye <3
EDIT : Omg, stupid photobucket. My photos will remain looking like this until the 17th of August! Stupid cretins, ugh.