Sunday, November 29, 2009

Take a bow

Around a week old outfit

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New shoes

Bought them last Thursday. Finally I have some heels that are totally simple and can also wear in winter nights! They're just a little bit annoying.. Size 38, which is half a size too small for me and they hurt my toes, but when I got into town yesterday, they kept falling off as I walked..? AAAGH so annoying. I stuffed them with tissues and came home 2AM with dead feet, and fell asleep.

Gotta add: nevertheless it was the best night ever <3

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

aye aye captain

FRIDAY SOON. Dress up party. Me > Captain. Don't know which outfit though, except for the hat. Maybe this?

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Can't really tell much from the picture, but I think they look pretty natural in real life!


Cropped jacket with beads :)

Fake nails, mirror, nail file, hair thingy

And I finally bought a new bag!

PS. unfortunately I can't show you every single thing I bought, because 1) some of it is underwear, and unlike some other bloggers, I won't be showing what underwear I have bought, because then everyone will know what underwear I wear?! 2) bought something that I want to keep secret, until new years :P want it to be a surprise :)
PPS. Bought fake nails, because I really want to get rid of my nail biting habit, and of course I'm not going to bite plastic hard nails. So i figured that I could use the fake ones for a few weeks and I'd get used to not biting nails.. hopefully


Aww <3

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bleeding is a luxury

Busy weekend!
Going to do Amalie's birthday surprise. I'd really love to tell you guys what it is, but I've recently found out that she reads my blog too, so.. ;) Anyway, I'm gonna go to Anne-Marie's house in an hour or so.. gonna prepare everything and then Gabriele and Amalie will come around 8 or 9. Tomorrow will be the real big surprise ;) This is what I'm gonna be wearing, picture taken 5 minutes ago.

So.. I think I'm gonna be home tomorrow at around 6 or 7.. Until then, I don't think I'll be blogging. Ciao

Snow white

Yesterday's outfit

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Was featured in fashionjinx, with an interview I did months ago! :)

PS. been hearing a lot of rumors about me recently. keep talking bitches, you're making me famous ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



I'm really happy now. Finally I've started fresh/new life. Feels so damn good.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Plug Update and Tattoo Thoughts

Like a month old picture of my plug. I keep going into shops and seeing really nice earrings! Sometimes I really wish I could just wear normal long earrings. But it was so painful to stretch it (I was only 12 when I started!) It took me more or less a year to make it 10mm, and it was so painful. I remember when my skin wripped and was bleeding. I even took a picture, but aren't sure if it would be very "wise" to upload it here, haha. I've already tried several times to take my plug out for like a week, but it's got to the point when it won't close! Only til around 7mm. So I guess I'm stuck like this forever. But I like it. Think it kind of gives me a twist, when put together with my girly clothes. I still am crazy about tattoos and piercings, but of course need to wait, because I really don't think my parents would let me anything else until I'm 18. They do like my tunnel now, but when I started we were in really big disputes all the time. They also let me pierce my belly button when I was 15, but I seriously doubt, that they'll let me get a tattoo before I turn 18. Not that I've any "serious" tattoo ideas anyway. I think it needs to be something important, and pretty at the same time..

Monday, November 16, 2009


Today's outfit

awkward picture x) but finally you can see my leather jacket ;) yes that one!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Can anyone guess where all this comes from..? ;)
I really wish I was super rich :D then i'd order all this right now!


Gosh, sorry for the baddd update! Last night was sweet as candy. just the way i like it!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Will have my first tutoring lesson! If you don't remember: long time ago I said I'll be getting paid on Thursdays after school to tutor a teacher in English ;) Kinda nervous, though!
Been so tired this week, every day home at 6-8, cause of after school things.
I'm so tired, and can't wait till weekend. Next weekends are really filled up! Parties, surprise for Amalie, concerts .. ;) Goodnight prettygirls (and prettyboys?) <3

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanks <3

To all my followers! I remember when 6 months ago I only had 7 (haha)! Thanks so much for following :) comment+new followers is what keeps me blogging.
Right now I'm studying maths.. Limits, inverse functions, reciprocal functions.. And around 4 times more other things. Got a test on Friday! I'm pretty good and logical at math, but that's only when I study, which I've been doing quite a lot during the last days (feels like). Well..what to say?.. I'm a smart blonde! ;)

Todays outfit

Coat - H&M, jeans - Cheap Monday, boots - Miss Selfridge

NOTICE: I received many nice messages in my inbox on facebook, from people telling me that they added me cause of my blog (like I asked!). I accepted them all, and they were all super nice in the messages! :) Thanks! But now, there started getting pretty many.. I decided that facebook needs to stay my more or less 'private place', just for people from school or who I know.. So I think I'll stop accepting people with no mutual friends or who I don't know :( Nothing personal, just have way too many 'strangers' in my friends list now :/ perhaps I really should make a group where people can add me and talk to me there? But that I think is pretty vain, haha..
Well, whatever! You can always email me, my email is on my sidebar. I'm more than happy to receive emails and I'm actually a super nice person (may not be the impression that you might have had, after reading my blog. My blog is just something for fun, and not really meant for only 1 person. It's meant for a lot of people, which is totally different in a way). So don't hesitate, if you have something to ask/say and are too shy to comment, then can always do it privately :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Recently I've been receiving quite a lot of comments in the form of: "I love your blog, I'm following it now! Please follow my blog too, here's the link!" Now, I don't mean to offend anyone, but just trying to enlighten a few people, and hopefully save a little bit of their dear time in the future, to prevent them from thinking I'll follow their blog too. I just want to make it clear (in a nice way, I hope), that I will NOT follow your blog, just because you ask me. Yeah, sure I'll check it out and probably comment, but will only follow your blog if I decide to, because I really love it or something.. I can't afford to spend much time on my computer during school days, so I only check my favourite blogs each day, and those are the ones I follow. Hope we understand each other.
I really don't, however, understand those people who do these kind of comments. Is the number of your followers really that important? I mean surely, if your blog is really cool, you will get followers without begging anyone to do it.
Last but not least. I'm not referring to anyone specific, these comments have been made by numerous people, so nothing personal to anyone. And I'm sorry if I sounded a little bit mean, but I'm a moody person, and get really annoyed when something annoys me. Plus I haven't had the best day either ;)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Jacket -, bag -, striped top - H&M, black tube top underneath from i don't know.. :D, shoes - (only 22 dollars! I know you hate me)
Someone told me to post this picture.. I didn't do it before because I thought (and still think) that my jacket looks weird there (why did I leave it closed/why does it look too big?). Julia took the pic, and tomorrow I will get all the other pictures. She's amazing! Click here for her lookbook profile :)
  • Anyways, I was really surprised at how different my readers are! I didn't know some came from New Zealand, or USA, and had kids! Some were also younger and did some really interesting things!
  • Also on the Q&A post, someone asked me for my eyelash routine, and I decided to make a separate post with pictures in a few days.
  • The correct answer for the shoes was of course H&M haha :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


From _____ ? ;)


I have 150 readers who use blogspot, and almost 1000 visitors each day. You're all reading my blog, where I pretty much show my life and how I feel, also some personal things.. But I seem to not know anything about most of you! Please tell me something:) Like how old you are, where you come from, what things/shops/activities you like.. just anything! If you don't want to reveal your name, cause you see me in school and think I'll find you weird, then just remain anonymous, but still I wanna know about you :)

Big changes

Friday, November 6, 2009


Remember when I really wanted a biker jacket with a fur collar? If I can't find and buy an actual jacket like that, I will still do whatever it takes to get the result.. and voilĂ !

Answers pt. 2

How do you have the money to buy so many great clothes/shoes? i mean how much money do you get like in a week/month? Well I get some pocket money from my parents, which isn't much. But I earn a lot of money doing chores, and also now I'll be tutoring a Portuguese teacher for English and will earn around 20e/1 h.. Whats the most you've spent on one clothing? Ehhh I don't know.. probably like 150 or something for a coat. But the expensive things are bought by my parents hehe. When I'm buying something from my own money, it's almost never expensive! But unfortunately my parents only pay for what i NEED. And I've to pay for what I WANT. Since I've soo many clothes and shoes now, there's not really much that I NEED anymore.. How much time do you need to get ready? (hair, makeup, clohes etc.) Around 1h if I do everything in a relaxed manner. What products do you use to fight against pimples and other imperfections on your skin? i mean your skin always looks so perfect, i wonder what you use, if you use anything. Come to think of it, I never get any pimples.. I used to always get a spot on the tip of my nose or between my eyebrow, when I had my period, but now I haven't had any spots in months.. haha. At what age do you think a girl should/"can" start wearing heels? I don't think there's an age. It depends on the person itsself. Some 13 year old girls look like 18, and some 18 year olds can look like 13. So it would be okay for a 13 year old to wear heels if she feels good in them and if she looks appropriate, because kids wearing heels just looks funny! I know a girl on my facebook, she's a model and went to the Elite Contest. Won't reveal her name here, but on her profile I noticed that she only recently turned 14! But she looks way older and is also tall and slim, so I think heels on her is acceptable, because she doesn't look silly in them. Do you get what I mean?

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Which language do you speak in Luxembourg? Well, Luxembourg has so many people working here from all over the world, so the main languages spoken here are Luxembourgish, French, and pretty often English too.. Almost everyone who lives here can speak German, cause it's almost the same as luxo. Why did you move to Luxembourg? My dad started working here. Before Luxembourg I have lived in Latvia and Finland (yeah, also went to a Finnish school and spoke fluent Finnish!) And where do you like to live - in Latvia or Luxembourg? Luxembourg for normal life, but Latvia for holidays. Have you ever considered modeling? Of course. But I'm only 166cm which isn't tall enough! Nevertheless, I enjoy photo-shoots and also used to be in quite a lot of magazines when I was younger. What hair shampoo do you use? Heh, it's called Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition. Where do you get inspiration? Lookbook, magazines, mum's old photos..but I don't really inspire much.. usually I just decide one item that I'll be wearing and slowly add other clothing, until I have an outfit which I'm satisfied with! What do you do when your bored? Read blogs, books, watch tv shows, do homework, tidy room. Who is your favorite model? Really got no idea.. What part of your body you hate? Definitely my nails, which I've been biting as long as I remember :( Which are your favourite brands of clothing? I'm not too much into brands. You'd be surprised at how cheap some of my clothes are, haha! I almost always buy everything off sale, or find my mum's old clothes (she has a huge wardrobe in Latvia, she used to be a fashion design student and had tons of clothes..). But most often I shop at H&M, Zara, Bik Bok, Lindex, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Cubus.. Is English your first language? if it isn't then how come you have learnt it. Nope, Latvian is my first language, but I speak English every day - in school, with friends, almost all my classes are in English too.. So it's basically almost my first language by now! Is there anything in particular you're wishing for in your life? At the moment I can only think of a few things - I wish I was less stressed, moody.. But if we're talking about my whole life.. then I want to become successful at whatever I'll be doing. How old were you when you started to wear makeup? When I lived in Finland (age 5-7), I went to a lot of friend's birthday parties and I remember my mum always putting some cute eyeshadows on me, for these special events. Then at the age of 11-12 I only wore eyeshadow and transparent mascara daily, and after the age of 12, I was through pretty many phases, my make up changing along with each one of them.. But right now, I only use Foundation around my eyes and mouth, powder and mascara! How many pairs of shoes do you have? I just counted them all (including 3 pairs of flip flops and 2 pairs of slippers), I have 36 pairs. But that number will sure increase! So you actually never straighten your hair? No, it's naturally straight! I do have a straightener, which I especially used in my Lady Gaga hair period haha, when I wanted my hair poker straight. But now I sometimes use it on my fringe, when it looks bad. Other than that, no I don't straighten it. If I want it a little wavy, then I just go to sleep with a little bit wet hair. When did you start going out, like you do? Like what age. Ehm..I remember I had to be at home at 8 o'clock when I was 12 or something.. but slowly I was allowed more and more. Now I go out almost every weekend, and it's been like this since more or less a year ago. Is there something you don't like about the way you look? It depends. Sometimes I have pretty vain days when I just can't stop looking in the mirror, because I've done my hair so fine or I look fresh, but of course I have days when I don't like anything about myself! But there is something that I constantly worry about : ever since I can remember, I've had problems with my spine.. It hurts all the time and therefore I often forget to have my back straight.. What kind of music do you listen to? It changes day by day. But on my iTunes I have everything from Atreyu to Placebo to Britney Spears.. I guess I could say I like everything except Opera, Jazz, and all that.. haha Of all your clothes, what do you like the best? No clue! I've got tons of clothing/shoes/acessories.. I like all of them! Why is your English so good? Haha, thanks! I already answered this question above. As I said, I speak English daily, in school, with friends.. What are your favourite subjects at school? This year I pretty much hate every subject, but if I gotta choose then it would be History.. Although it's pretty hard, I find it really interesting, and actually manage to get good marks! What do you want to do in later life? I'm one of those who are pretty confused about their future.. I hate science, I hate languages, I hate math (although I can do pretty good if I study).. So I'm pretty much up for nothing! But I surely want to do something that I enjoy and get paid well! Do you have any sibblings? Got a sister (12), and a brother (soon 5). How did you come to the idea to start a blog? I've more or less been blogging since I was around 13, but back then it was on, haha. I quit my blog there cause I got bored of it.. Then I started reading other blogs (more advanced and interesting than skyblog), and decided that I still like blogging and need to start again. Does your family (or friends etc.) know about your blog? My parents know it, because I asked them advice when someone wanted to advertise on my blog, and yeah, my friends know it, and refer to my blog pretty often in school too (for example: "Kristy, I love your new jacket!" or "So which boots will you get?" haha) Would you ever go out without any makeup? I've done that a few times and I felt fine. But I prefer having big eyelashes, I think it sort of "spices up" my look, because I have light skin and blonde hair which looks pretty boring, I think..


Almost 150 followers :) and around 1000 visits yesterday! Makes me so happy, thanks guys!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Right now I'm sitting in the bus to town, will be meeting Kate later! I've been thinking weather I should do a Questions&Answers post, but what's holding me back is the thought that I might not get any/a lot of questions, and will end up looking like a fool :p what do you think, should I have a Q&A post?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Money honey

Sequin jumper - vintage, heels - 10euro from H&M :D
Hmm, weird pose..


Anyone know where I can get a jacket like this?

Monday, November 2, 2009


I thought fakes were so 2006..

Brown leaves

Shoes - H&M
Plaid shirt, skirt and body - Bik Bok
Squared bracelet - H&M (i bought it for 50 cents haha!)

Thanks to all my followers!
You can also find this look on lookbook

More with Adam!

..Haha emo picture

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Throw it away

I got 2 questions for you guys
1. Can you tell me some good songs? Preferably dance or techno and stuff. Not Cannibal Corpse or Megadeth and the type..
2. What do you do in your free time? Like when you're really bored ..