Thursday, January 7, 2010


Someone asked me to do this, and I'm quite bored, so why not :D
What do you prefer? (bold ones are what I prefer)

hot or cold?
black or white?
rain or snow?
give or receive?
spring or autumn?
winter or summer?
dog or cat?
oranges or apples?
love or friendship?
tea or coffee?
tv or radio?
shower or bath?
book or film?
day or night?
sea or mountain?

What's your favourite:

animal - dog
colour - black and gold
perfumes - D&G The One and also Alien
film - don't know
holiday - summer holiday
season - summer
book - prisoner of birth
cosmetic - don't know


  1. I prefer :
    -hot, black, snow, receive, spring, summer, dog, oranges, friendship, tea, tv, shower, book and film (both), day and night(both), sea for sure!

    What's your favourite:

    animal - horse
    colour - grey and pastels
    perfumes - Moschino and DKNY
    film - "The Chorus" and "Life Is Beautiful"
    holiday - summer holiday
    season - summer
    book - Starseeker
    cosmetic - I don't know

  2. How long is Summer break in Luxembourg ? Just curious ;D

  3. you look good here, but your eyebrows are a bit too thin.