Friday, January 8, 2010


Just came home! Gonna make some pasta, my almost daily food, and watch some CSI. Later I'll go out.. I actually don't feel like partying tonight, but I gotta go to this birthday thing, I promised my friend. Will also meet my boyfriend before that <3 I just don't know what to wear. Was hoping to wear black heels, black tights, my new dress and a leather jacket but at -5 degrees celsius and in snow? No thanks. I'm scared to wear heels tonight, in case I slip on the ice and break my leg. That means I need some going out winter shoes. Some boots on a heel.. Gosh, I always find excuses for new shoes.

PS. wearing a furry collar from Promod, it was 15 euro!


  1. i saw nice ones yesterday at zara in auchan which were on sale, but yea, they are also not realy "winter shoes"... baaah, i hate winter!

  2. it would be cool if you could write down what you're wearing and where you bought it! lovely blog anyways!