Monday, January 4, 2010

First day back in school

Had some good and bad surprises. Found out some of my exam marks. I got 8.2 in geography, 8 in English, 7.4 in Physics (!!!), 7 in Biology (!!!) :-). But then there was a really nasty surprise.. I found out my Latvian teacher had died exactly a week ago. He had been sick for 7 years, his liver had completely fucked up, but he only went to hospital to start treating it during the last 3 weeks of December, when it was way too late.. Somehow I didn't expect that he would die, I mean the man was in his mid 50's, and actually a pretty good friend, my favourite teacher to be honest. My family sort of knew him, and he had taught me for several years. I guess the shock hasn't really hit me yet, I can't imagine him dead.. RIP


  1. love your bag ;) and this thing with your teacher is really sad... rest in peace!

  2. i'm sorry to hear about your latvian teacher. things like this seem to happen when you least expect it. best wishes to you, your family, and his family.

  3. I don't have school till the 28th, and I'm very sorry about your teacher :(

  4. What system do you have in school ?? :D I mean we have grades 1-5 , what about you ?

    Sorry about your teacher :/

    xox, Eleri