Saturday, January 9, 2010

My dog

Extraordinary, of me, to write about animals, but I just couldn't resist. I think my dog Edriks is the cutest dog I've ever seen/known. He's only half a year old, and is so immature and always accidentally fails in some funny way! Whenever I take pictures of him, they end up looking really cute and funny, like these two.. in the second one he is yawning, not screaming by the way. He's like a big soft ball, and he just lies down and starts sleeping in random places, and he does the most random things! Love you!


  1. your sister, i guess?
    i don't know why but i like her hair! ;D
    could you show us a picture where we could see her hair like, really good?
    i just think it looks so lovely, and i'm thinking about dying it brown, and she just have a lovely color.
    oh and of course your on my top blogs list! <3 xxx

  2. ahhh you're dog is adorable! i'm so jealous :)

  3. You have the cutest dog! is it an american bull dog? or of some short, because i want one when i'm older. :)

  4. LOL OMFG SCARY DOG :L idk, i'm not an animal lover