Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I disabled the anonymous option on comments. That doesn't mean I'm giving them victory, after all I'm quite used to jealous people, or people who are just bored and want to make themselves feel better by telling others that they look bad and so on. I just find it pretty weird to have no-name people telling me what I am, what I'm doing wrong and what I think I am etc. In other words, pretending that they know everything about me, when they haven't got a clue.I really feel sorry for them, that they haven't got anything better to do than read my blog and write bad comments. They tell me my face/hair/clothes are ugly (for example), so then I should say 'Oh, why don't You come and show me how nice YOUR clothes etc are? But oh wait, you can't because you are too much of a coward to reveal yourself. If I'm putting myself out here, writing about my life and posting pictures, I think it's only fair that I know who comments. From now on, only registered people can comment. Of course registered people can be haters too, but at least they are not cowards. If you REALLY got to tell me something, and you don't have a blog/profile etc, then email me or facebook me or do it face2face. All negative words are okay if I know who they come from. Own up to what you say.


  1. I agree with this blog so much! Thank you for posting a blog like this! I hope the people who have been commenting have got the hint now. But sometimes its just so pathetic what people write. x

  2. I think u'r kinda right, I mean if I would recieve all the bad comments all the time, it would be kinda embarracing.
    I mean it's a blog, u'r here..Well to share! ..I don't find a better word for it.
    And if ppl actualy wanna say smth to u, I think they should tell u everything, only if u "know" who they are. Cause, like, what is the point of telling it than??..xD
    But that's only my opinion.
    I know I wrote a lot. But REALY love ur blog.
    And realy think ur pretty!!! <3
    Btw, I remember u did a video post, I guess some months ago, can u pls help me to find it?? x)

  3. :O then you should really try some, they're amaazing :D
    omg, i'm talking about donuts, right? i'm so in love with food :b

  4. Aw that sucks :( I usually use anonymous because I don't have a blog here anymore. My tumblr is http://pirouetting.tumblr.com/ though if you want to ever check it out though! Just pictures etc but it's the thought that counts lol :) x

  5. proud of you for standing up for yourself :)