Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Urban Decay

Some of you told me I should post something about make up. Here's two things I REEEEALLY reccomend! This mascara from urban decay gives me amazing eyelashes, and the eyeshadow set is so nice. I normally couldn't be bothered to do anything special about my eyes, other than mascara and sometimes eyeliner, but this has the 10 most bought Urban Decay eyeshadows in it, and it's so easy to apply! Been making cool eyes for the last few days haha :D


  1. Loooooooove Urban Decay :D Benefit is nice too, but reaaaaally expensive :(

  2. i've always wanted to try out urban decay but i never got around to it. definitely going to give the mascara a try :)

  3. i have this exact pot!! i love urban decay for eye shadows!! cute blog!!

    there's a giveaway on mine :)

  4. wow i have this exact same pot from urban decay. they have great eye shadows!!

    check out my blog - just barely posted a giveaway!

  5. Great colours.
    I think that you should use them more often I find your eye make up not really suiting for you. You have sich beautiful blue eyes and the heavy dark EYE MAKE UP YOU USE sometimes is just >.<*
    would love to see somthing light like purple on you.

  6. hi(:
    how much where the things?
    &where did u buy them?

  7. jil - it was part of my xmas present.. i don't know how much but I guess each thing could be around 20e, more or less!

  8. You should write somthing more... not just a little paragraph