Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad weekend

I'm having a really really bad weekend, because I really miss my boyfriend and we can't meet today :/ I also need to study a lot for next week, but after a week of holidays I don't have it in me anymore.


  1. Yep her face is something else. I think she's one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. By the way, your english is great.

  2. Do you wear the Guess Maeve boots in this photo? Had them too but I just couldn't walk normally on them, they hurt so much that I sold them haha..

  3. Sure. I list every blog that I enjoy reading.

  4. you look gorgeous!
    And i really hope things are going to better from now on:)

  5. oh dear!
    aww, maybe you should already do some studying already, to get into it for next week, plus it can take your mind off your boyfriend a bit so that you dont miss him that much x

    love the picture btw x

  6. hahaha that is true, but the thing is
    if the icing is not stiff
    it kind of falls off, and i needs to stay on until tomorrow.
    But I think they'll be fine :p
    thanks for your comment.
    you can just google nutella cupcakes
    I have the recipe in dutch, but I dont think it is very usefull for you but.. hey :p

  7. i love tho photo ! good luck with your study

  8. awww well i hope you get some rest and get to see your honey.

    Vi from Cali

  9. I hope your week is better!xo ava