Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I bought in Latvia

Tights from Lindex, glitter headband from Bik Bok and bracelet from Caramelles

Cheap nail polish, nice smelling lip balms and mascara (didn't really check its color so I bought a brown one, but it still looks black, haha)

Jacket from Promod

Dotted leggings from Bik Bok, new pencil case from Accessorize and some colored pens (I love nice pens! :D)

Denim jacket from Never Denim

Dress from Bik Bok. It's size L, but it looks good with a belt. Its shape is more like the letter A, but I kinda "shaped" it for the picture :P

I also bought some other things that I didn't take pictures of, for example pink/black sunglasses, studded headband..


  1. Ohhh... I love this jacket!
    wanna follow each other?
    haha... could be a fun thing!
    x kelly

  2. i love everything, especially your denim jacket!
    following :)

  3. from which shop did u buy the lip balms?:P they look sooo good :D

  4. Nice finds! Love the jacket and the tights :) This mascara is really great and cheap as well :)


  5. I have the same nailpolish :P
    Great buys ;)

  6. anna - from a latvian make up/drugstore called drogas.. they have like a box full of them sometimes :D

  7. damn you ! here I am without money to buy a single thing and you buy all this stuff :P