Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today I slept a little longer, because I didn't have swimming during the first two lessons. I had a relaxing day, with just three lessons and a lot of walking around. Took my camera to school, me and Gabriele were ready for loads of photos, but I had somehow managed to forget my battery at home, haha! Will try again tomorrow ;-) 2 days left until holidays! :)


  1. oh no, that's too bad :( yesterday was so good weather!!
    hah, i already have holidays since yesterday^^
    and thanks for posting me on your blogroll!

  2. u look soo gorgeous on the picture!! x)
    + I guess some people already asked u this, and it may seem "blond" or however.. but how did u put the lipstick thingy?? well u know next ur blog's URL..?

  3. In luxemburg you get 2 weeks of holiday?!?