Monday, March 22, 2010


I recently get a lot of questions about my hair, so I thought to do a post summarizing everything.
First of all, I don't do anything special to get "nice" hair, except for using this hair mask every few days:

(couldn't find a better picture). It's called Garnier nutri-repair butter mask or something like that. I sometimes go to sleep with wet hair, wake up looking like a lion, so then I straighten it. I never brush it, I simply don't feel like I should, because it doesn't get tangled up during the day. Also my hair is naturally straight, but during the day it gets a little wave, like you can see in this picture. I cut it shoulder lenght in September 2008 and this is how far it has grown since. My natural hair color is light blonde, just a little darker than now. I almost never trim it, the ends are dry, but I just hate trimming it.. when I do want to trim it (maybe once in half a year), I ask my mum to do it for me. I color my hair myself, and I also cut and color my mum's hair. I hope I answered all your hair questions now!


  1. Thanks for the info, your hair are perfect indeed ! I wouldn't have said they are colored !

  2. How many times per week you wash your with a shampoo? And do you use conditioner also?