Friday, March 19, 2010

Lunch break

Today at lunchbreak. was almost 20 degrees celsius, we were chilling and listening to music and taking random photos :D


  1. Where did u get ur bag?:O

  2. Oh Kristiana... Please be fucking happy... You have like almost 20 degrees there, we here, in Estonia have like maybe 3-5 max right now? It's very changeable... We have one second ice and those big "snowwalls" and other second is just a big wet land. Right now it's like 1-4 degrees at day, and it's like normal but it's fucking wet and those big "snowwalls" (i really don't have any other word to snow what's like 10-20 cm from land and those big "walls" what's meter or more...) are disturbing. Cause if they start melting then we have a "sea" here... I am really waiting when this shit melts, and summer starts...

    And by the way, your blog is awsome... I like to read it daily...


  3. anon - i got the bag in vero moda/pieces :)
    coco - wow! i can imagine that then it's the same in latvia.. but in luxembourg the weather is also fucked up, one day it's super warm, and then it jumps back to minuses.. :/ thanks ! xx btw i know something in estonian: mita vittu! :D (spelling?)

  4. that ring is AWESOME!


  5. :) yea, but here when it's warm, it's really wet and when it goes back to cold then everywhere is ice so i have like thousand bruises... :D right spelling is mida vittu. :D it means like "what the fuck" :D you really know only swearing in other languages. :D bad, bad girl! :D