Wednesday, April 14, 2010


(in the photo I'm taking a picture of Gabriele with her camera)
Today I didn't have my first two lessons of gym, my teacher's been absent for weeks now. After school I went to gare, bought some tights, and now I'm looking at, instead of preparing for my history test. Better get my ass off and study. Bye for now babes xxx


  1.! Oh my god! Such cool clothes!
    Now I am browsing through instead of learning, thanks, haha :D
    I think it's cool when you recommend us sites (not only fashion online stores) so keep that up please :)

  2. Eddi - cool to know haha will try to continue then :D x

  3. Whoa, boohoo has some amazing clothes and so cheap! Too bad I don't have a credit card :(

    Btw, every time I read your blog, I really want to go to Luxembourg again!

  4. Love your hair, so beautiful and awesome!