Monday, April 19, 2010


Today it's really super hot outside, i don't feel like studying and doing homework, neither am i up for tidying my room. I'm thinking about which clothes to sell on facebook, and also thinking about watching the new Desperate Housewives episode! Gotta love 'em


  1. oh yes, its so hot outside, finally :D
    So I've got a question: what do you wear under 'transparent' (white) tops/tshirts? I don't really know what to wear because I mean, if I just wear a white top, that's not really nice?:S

  2. love the nail color and the ring....ive been so behind on desperate housewives... like season behinds... i feel so guilty

    Vi from Cali

  3. i would so buy clothes of yours!! you should defenitely do it(: xx

  4. heyyy pretty, i really think you should make more video posts since i really liked the old one. And i think many people does too ! so you go girl, i really like your blog and your style. oh and, what do you think of military jackets? got one for about three weeks ago, its from topshop, and if you remember the post posted with 14 items, 14 looks? well yeah, that military jacket. sorry for this looong comment, but wellwell, thanks <3

  5. sally - i'll try! love that military jacket, i also wanted it :D xx