Monday, April 5, 2010


Today is my mum's birthday! She's in Spain at the moment and last night I called her to say happy birthday after 00:00, and when we talked I almost felt like crying cause I miss her so much. In fact I feel like crying now when I'm writing this, I'm such a baby. She's the best mum in the whole world, she always helps me, understands the things I do, and tries to help me in conflicts with my dad. I get a lot of her vintage clothes (she has plenty!), because she used to study as a fashion designer. Perhaps that's why I'm so into clothes and shopping and stuff.. anyway, mum, if you're reading this : I LOVE YOU!


  1. That is so sweet. She'll be back before you know it ^^


  2. Your words for your mum are great!
    I like when people express their own feelings!

  3. your mum can't be the best mum in the world cuz my mum already is(; just kidding. i feel exactly the same when my mum's away. (:
    happy birthday to your mum xx

  4. happy birthday to your mum :)