Sunday, April 4, 2010


For those who want to know what my little crap camera looks like :D I think it used to look really cool and shiny, that's why I chose it! Of course, mine is totally scratched and fucked up since I gave it to my sister for some months, and also it has lost all its light and sharpness and colors.. it's just fucked up :p I'm actually wondering if I should buy a new digital camera, but a good one? So I could carry it everywhere, cause my big canon is way too heavy. But I also sometimes feel like my Canon 40D isn't so good. I'm confused..


  1. i reccommend you a panasonic lumix camera, which i also own myself. its small and looks quite good and it takes very nice, bright and colorful pictures. it also has a very good 10x optical zoom and i haven't had any problems with it since i bought it at the autumn '08. definitely a great choice ;)

  2. I think you should buy a little camera

  3. i have the same camera than you(;
    (the canon one )